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Whiskey’s First Shot Of Lola

Fucking feelings. I swear. In my last post, “When It Comes To Love…I’m Just Along For The Ride,” I told you guys how Whiskey was getting dangerously close to winning my heart. Things were going great until we saw each other three times in one week. I started feeling pressured and told him as much. … Continue reading

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Dating / Gray/Lola / Love / Online dating / Romance / Whiskey/Lola

When It Comes To Love…I’m Just Along For The Ride

What happens next in “Lola-land” is anybody’s guess. “If Whiskey keeps this up, he’ll have my heart, that bastard.” Those were the words I texted Jez after my date with Whiskey last night. I’ve lost track of how many dates we’ve had, but it’s somewhere close to ten, I guess. The sex is already pretty close to perfect, which … Continue reading

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Dating / FWB / Gray/Lola / Love / relationship issues / Romance / Sex / Whiskey/Lola

Lola Gets Whiskey Dick

The other night, after a somewhat intense conversation and VERY great sex with Gray, I was feeling a bit deflated when I kissed him goodbye. Gray and I are something more than FWB and something less than “in a relationship.” Part of me wants it to “work out” for us, and part of me likes things … Continue reading

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