Breaking up / Dating / FWB / Gray/Lola / Love / non monagamous / relationship issues / Roberto / Romance / Sex / Whiskey/Lola

Whiskey’s First Shot Of Lola

Fucking feelings. I swear. In my last post, “When It Comes To Love…I’m Just Along For The Ride,” I told you guys how Whiskey was getting dangerously close to winning my heart. Things were going great until we saw each other three times in one week. I started feeling pressured and told him as much. … Continue reading

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Dating / FWB / Gray/Lola / Love / relationship issues / Romance / Sex / Whiskey/Lola

Lola Gets Whiskey Dick

The other night, after a somewhat intense conversation and VERY great sex with Gray, I was feeling a bit deflated when I kissed him goodbye. Gray and I are something more than FWB and something less than “in a relationship.” Part of me wants it to “work out” for us, and part of me likes things … Continue reading

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Dating / Gray/Lola / Love / Online dating / relationship issues / Roberto / Romance / Sex

Bottoms Up!

Not surprisingly it’s been a rather eventful few months. First of all, I rekindled my romance with Roberto, and we spent an idyllic Valentine’s weekend in the mountains making love in front of a roaring fire. It was just as blissful as the first time over 10 years ago, and I spent the entire weekend feeling … Continue reading

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Dating / Gray/Lola / relationship issues / Romance / Sex

Two Soulmates – One Life-changing Moment

Why do relationships have to be so damn complicated? Gray and I finally cleared the air. Twice, in fact. And twice we had mind-blowing sex afterwards. He opened up a lot about his feelings for me, which was a much-needed step after nearly two years. However, he’s still got Florida living with him and I am … Continue reading

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Breaking up / Dating / Gray/Lola / relationship issues / resolving conflict / Romance / Sex

Lola and King Pick Up Steam

Ok Lovies. Imagine the hottest guy you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Got him in your mind? Good. Now imagine that he has the most amazing cock you’ve ever seen in your entire life. A big, long, hard, thick, perfectly circumcised monster of a cock, but not so so big you can’t imagine how it will … Continue reading

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