Breaking up / Dating / Dating a widower / Love / Narcissism / Romance / Tristan/Lola

Closing the Book on Tristan and Lola

After a year and a half, I am writing the final chapter on Tristan. Yes, I know it probably should have been written years ago, and most of you think he’s not even worth the words I type.  But we all walk our own path and come to our individual conclusions when we are ready to face … Continue reading

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Dating / Dating a widower / Grief/loss / Love / Narcissism / Tristan/Lola

Tristan Reappears

I’ve been “away” from Tristan for a year now. Our official-official break-up moment was May 2nd, 2013 at approximately 11:30 in the morning. That was the moment in which we sat together in our “counselor’s” office after almost an hour until he told both me and the counselor that he “wanted me to respect the … Continue reading

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Breaking up / Dating / Grief/loss / Narcissism / Tristan/Lola

Lola, Tristan and Long Awaited Closure

Many of you know that my on/off relationship with Tristan, which lasted nearly four years was very painful, VERY dramatic, very up and down, and I stayed in the ring with him well past bloody and beaten.  I stuck with him for many reasons. Love, (first and foremost), loyalty, compassion, and a strong desire to … Continue reading

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