Who the heck are we?

We are three independent, fiery females. And like many women, we have been through the relationship wringer more than once. We tell it like it is. We hold each other’s feet to the fire and value honesty and fairness above all else. We also leave a lot of room for flexibility, realizing there is no cut and dried solution that works for every situation.  We listen to each other tirelessly, offer empathy and at times advice. And when one of us has no more strength to fight, the other steps in to fight on our behalf. We look out for each other and always have each other’s backs. Together is our way of keeping our heads above water in this crazy single life.

This blog was created by me (Lola) in order to vent frustrations, celebrate joys and gain insight from the thoughts of others. While in college, my English professor told me that whatever I ended up doing that writing would be a useful tool and enrich my life. I would have to agree. Writing helps me process things in a very healthy way, while serving as a key source of my amusement.

Anyone is welcome in our world as long as they are honest and sufficiently entertained by us.


About Lola (Dating):  I am a complicated woman and I like complicated men. The problem with all of this complication is that it does tend to create some drama. I do like trying to figure out why people are the way they are but I prefer my relationships not be an emotional roller coaster. This is only further complicated by the fact that I am by nature, a very dramatic and passionate woman. I tend to be attracted to older men for a variety of reasons, one being that I grew up fast, and therefore I often feel older than I am. Click here to read more on my older men attraction. I love to laugh and make others laugh, I love life and most of all, I love LOVE! Click here to read a brief overview of my relationship history.



About Elle: (Dating)  I am not a complicated woman and I cannot be bothered with complicated men.  I like people to know exactly how I feel and what my expectations are.  I expect men of the same ilk.  I despise games of love and will hold your feet to the flames if you f**k with me that way.  Life is too short to waste time.  I will probably push Mr. Perfect away with my “can’t be bothered with issues attitude”  HOWEVER, I am a great listener and very understanding due to a lifetime of messing up.  I typically know exactly what I want.  However in this current stage of life, I am tripping over challenges daily. I find that I have trouble guarding my heart when it comes to relationships, with men or women. The man who wins my heart gets my very best and will be rewarded greatly.  My heart is soft and breaks easily and am extremely thin-skinned, especially when I feel I have disappointed those I try so hard to please. Click here to see a brief overview of my relationship history.

About Jezebel (Dating): A series of paradoxes, Jezebel is a strong woman looking for a man to whom to submit; someone who loves sex, but hasn’t had it for over 5 years (until recently), can’t decide whether she wants a relationship or just an active sex life… but now has decided to do something about it. She’s exploring her inner slut, inner sex slave, and inner child in the hopes of figuring out, at last, what she wants out of life. Click here to see a brief overview of my relationship history.

28 thoughts on “Who the heck are we?

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