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Lola Meets DC

I’m not sure there are words that could explain how much I like this one. The main word would have to be “gaga.” LOL.

Welcome to the blog, I hope a guy who will make more appearances here than in just this post…DC.

DC sent me a message on OkCupid about 2 weeks ago, in which he shared a video clip of himself. From the moment I saw his olive handsome face and heard his confident melodic voice speaking candidly – it was love, and I was absolutely certain of it. It hit me with a bolt of lightning so hard it took my breath away.

Then, when our messages quickly turned into texts, then a 3 hour phone call, followed by another 2 hour phone call later that same night, I was even more certain of it.

I was floating on a cloud of euphoria with every conversation and message we exchanged. I JUST KNEW.

So you can imagine how high and how fast I jumped at his invitation to meet him in Madison for the weekend. DC is a mid-fifties high profile doctor living in Washington DC, with a very fast-paced lifestyle, and I knew there was no time to waste if I wanted to have a chance with him.

I didn’t miss a beat when he mentioned my drive to Madison would only be three hours, and asked what I thought about meeting him.

“Absolutely!!” I said with all the excitement I felt inside. “I would definitely jump at the chance to meet you!”

So from there it was just a few days of anticipation and I relished every moment of it. I was a little nervous about the hotel situation, so I offered to get my own room. He said he would have two beds and I would be more than welcome to stay in his room. I decided to play that by ear after I assessed the situation. As my friend Sloane said, “You should be able to get a feel for that pretty quickly.” That’s what I thought too, and less planning is more optimal in these kinds of spontaneous situations I always feel.

DC said he would be in a conference during the day,  but he would leave an envelope at the front desk with a key for me. I arrived at the hotel and felt nothing but pure excitement. As I entered his room, I couldn’t help but notice there was only one large king sized bed, but I was on a mission to get dolled up before he arrived, so I couldn’t really be bothered with dealing with that at the moment.

After doing my hair and makeup, I packed up and decided to leave the key on the bed and take my bags to my car. I didn’t want to give him the impression that me staying in his room (with only one bed) was a given. He might be a handsome, successful, hot-shot doctor, but Lola is never a foregone conclusion!

Feeling strong and sexy, I strolled down the quaint city streets looking for a nice bar to sit and have a drink and wait for his conference to let out. I had just about 30 minutes. Perfect timing.

Shortly after I ordered my drink he texted and asked where he should meet me. I applied fresh lip gloss and sat expectantly for him at my high top table at the bar.

Then he walked in. Swoon. He was even better than I had expected in living color. Trendy style clothing, sharply styled salt and pepper hair and a brilliant white smile. I basically leapt from my chair to plant a nice wet kiss square on his lips and deliver him a warm breast to chest hug.

It was at that moment I knew the one bed thing wouldn’t be an issue. LOL. But I didn’t give him any indication of that. In fact, he actually brought up being a little worried that I had bailed on him when I saw the one-bed room, because he didn’t see my bag in his room when he went back to change.

I lightly chuckled and said, “Yeah, I wondered about that, I thought you were going to have a room with two beds.”

He sort of hung his head and said they couldn’t see about switching him to another room until today, which is why his bags were packed in the room. I had noticed that he had no toiletries or clothes laying out, and everything had seemed neatly packed, so his story checked out. I felt myself relaxing even more, ruling out for now, any shady behavior.

My GOD he was fun to hang out with! Funny as HELL, charming, engaging, excellent conversationalist, interesting, and just plain NICE. What a gentleman!  I just kept thinking, he’s a total dream!!

We had one drink, met some locals, all of to whom he was just as friendly and charming towards as he was to me, then he asked if I’d like to walk along the water and find a dinner spot.

I would have agreed to almost anything at this point. Ha ha. So off we went, to the next phase of our adventure, and as we crossed the street, he automatically reached out to take my hand and I was thrilled.

I liked his take charge demeanor. I need a very strong man to match my equally strong personality. He whisked us into a fancy, dimly lit restaurant that was quite busy and asked if we could have a table without a reservation. They had one table available, and DC looked at me and asked sweetly, “Shall we eat here?” Completely amenable to whatever he suggested, I just nodded and said happily, “Sure. Let’s do it!”

After we were seated, DC asked what sort of wine I liked best, and got a general sense of what I was thinking I might like. He then ordered a nice dry red for “the young lady.” I loved that! I felt well attended to. I was impressed with the line he was walking.

We shared a few dishes, and several times he would pause to feed me little bites. The final time he delivered a bite to my mouth, it was just his fingers doing so, and I decided to take that opportunity to lightly kiss his finger tips after I took the bite.

He shifted in his seat and said huskily, “That was sexy, and had the potential to be even more so.” I nodded slowly and said knowingly, “I know. I’ve been wanting to kiss you ever since the moment I met you.” He seemed pleased, and said the kiss I had given him when I greeted him hello was very nice.

But he didn’t lean in for a kiss, so I decided to let the moment pass, knowing full well that some moments should just not be forced. And a first kiss with a guy I liked this much, was definitely one of those moments.

After paying the bill he said I really should see the capitol building at night, and off we went.

As we strolled through the beautiful capitol area, now completely dark except the lights emanating from the capitol itself, I found myself wanting to grab him and kiss him. So when he paused so we could admire the building, I sort of leaned in to him and pressed my boob against his side. I felt his arm encircle my waist and he pulled me towards his mouth, and suddenly we were kissing.

It was perfect. The only problem was that it didn’t last forever. LOL.

As we neared the hotel, I jokingly said, “Are you ready to send me on my way now?”

“Yeah. Right.” He smirked. “Where’s your car, let’s get your bags.”

I could hardly contain my joy at the thought of spending the entire night with him.

When we got to his room I went to the bathroom to freshen up, and he laid down on the plush king size bed and waited patiently for me to finish.

When I emerged, I kicked my heels off and laid down on the bed beside him. As we chatted comfortably, I felt like I had known him for years, like he was my husband and this was totally normal. I’m not sure I’ve felt that with anyone besides Gray. I was having trouble processing all of my feelings which were swirling around in a million different brain cells.

So I just kissed him. The passion was supercharged after such a wonderful evening together, and I felt like I wanted to reward him for being amazing.

Off came the clothes in a flurry, but he stopped me before I undid my bra and said huskily, “Let me.”

I happily obliged, feeling a little self conscious as I was poised above him as he just gazed at me. With one hand he undid my bra and my DD’s fell out in all their glory. He seemed almost mesmerized as he uttered one word as he kissed me again. “Beautiful.”

I felt victorious that he seemed pleased, and as he ate my pussy I moaned his name.

It. Was. Hot.

I didn’t let him eat me past one orgasm because I wanted to get my lips around his sexy cock. I was going to town on his member in true Lola style when he suddenly said, “You have to stop for a minute. I’m going to cum.”

I reluctantly paused, but stayed on all fours above him. I looked up and saw him taking a picture of me poised over his cock, and I quickly felt like performing for the camera. I started up again, and mere moments later I was victorious with his cum in my mouth, his body trembling beneath my prowess.

He rallied moments later and instructed me to “sit on his face.” I came three times before we decided to fall asleep.

You may know…I RARELY sleep with anyone. In fact, I can count on one hand how many men I’ve actually slept with. But I was totally excited to sleep with DC.

As we fell off to sleep I curled up close to him and whispered softly, “I like you.” He didn’t miss a beat as he simply returned the compliment. “I like you too.”

We snuggled, we spooned, and we slept.

Around 3AM, I was awakened by DC rubbing his face all over my lower back and ass. As I raised my ass slightly, he began running his tongue all over my ass and clit as he held my thighs firmly, so I didn’t writhe out of his grasp.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed and instructed me to stand and bend over, which I happily did. After rubbing his hard cock against my ass and clit, he muttered that he would get a condom.

When he came back to the edge of the bed he fucked me for what seemed like an hour, until I came as I arched my body towards him, almost standing straight up as he fucked me.

After that we lay spent next to one another and fell asleep. My calves hurt like a mother fucker, ha ha.

The next morning I was asleep until I heard the hotel room door shut firmly. When I arose, I saw a note from DC that said; Good morning. I’ll see you at 12:30. Check out is 11. Have a nice day.

We had lunch together and I took him to the airport. As I kissed him goodbye he happily said, “Text me when you get home, babe.”

I felt happy. Like he was my man.

But then I came home and saw Gray…..And realized he’s really my man. And now I’m leaving in two days to see Roberto….


The more things change, the more they stay the same.






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