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Bottoms Up!

Not surprisingly it’s been a rather eventful few months.

First of all, I rekindled my romance with Roberto, and we spent an idyllic Valentine’s weekend in the mountains making love in front of a roaring fire. It was just as blissful as the first time over 10 years ago, and I spent the entire weekend feeling like a queen. He gave me long, luxurious massages, cooked for me, took me out for a very nice dinner at one of the top restaurants in America and told me I was beautiful as he gazed longingly into my eyes and whispered, “I need you in my life.”

So Roberto is back in the picture in a very big way, but our times together will continue to be limited due to the fact he is still living with his “wife,” who for all intents and purposes is really just a roommate.

Now Gray on the other hand…well, to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what his “roommate” situation is at the current juncture. You see, a couple of weeks ago I was stunned to receive a private message on Facebook from his live-in, Florida asking… no, ORDERING me to stop contacting Gray. I replied and told her that he had been honest with me about her from day one and this wasn’t my fight, then wished her good luck.

It would seem this is a game changer, but what do I know?

I have only seen Gray once since the debacle, and it was for a quickie, so I chose not to waste time quizzing him about the status of their relationship. All I know is that it doesn’t seem like anything has changed between us, and I for one, am very glad about that.

Especially since I met Whiskey. ; )

I met Whiskey on OkCupid a few weeks ago and date #5 is scheduled to commence this week. I really like him, but I’m worried he’s going to ruin it for both of us by moving too fast and wanting more than I’m prepared to give at this point. Though I must say, he’s being very patient, and we have only done oral and hand jobs so far. I think I’m more proud of myself for putting on the brakes in that regard than I am of him, given the whole sexual peak and all. ; )

Whiskey is what you would call a true southern gentleman. From Nashville with a sexy southern drawl, he’s no stranger to treating women respectfully. I’m not used to someone opening the car door for me EVERY time, but that’s Whiskey for ya. He’s very romantic, thoughtful, and has made no bones about the fact he believes in marriage and wants the happily ever after, despite only being in his early forties and having 3 marriages under his belt already.

He’s my typical sort on the surface – tall, dark, handsome, huge cock, nice body, dresses well, intelligent, well-read, successful career, blah blah blah. He has an adult son, and no other attachments besides his dog and his Harley. Which reminds me – he’s got a pet name for me, which seems both premature and endearing at the same time. He calls me “mama.” Lol. Apparently he liked the way Nero referred to Gemma with the same name in Sons of Anarchy, so he’s taken a shine to it, and to me.

In fact, the other night when he kissed me good night, he cupped my face in his hand and said intently, “I know you have committment issues, but I have taken quite a liking to you, and I’d be disappointed if you bolted. I’m willing to embrace any and all of your issues, because I think you’re worth it.”

Well then. Let’s see what you got Whiskey…and please bartender, make it a double, it looks like it’s gonna be a long night!





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