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Lola and King Pick Up Steam

Ok Lovies. Imagine the hottest guy you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Got him in your mind?

Good. Now imagine that he has the most amazing cock you’ve ever seen in your entire life. A big, long, hard, thick, perfectly circumcised monster of a cock, but not so so big you can’t imagine how it will work thrusting inside you. lol.

Take both of those things and combine them with the fact he is everything you have ever wanted in a guy, tall dark and handsome, intelligent, funny, respectful, open-minded, sexy, interesting, and most of all, interested in YOU!

You have just imagined my new boyfriend, The King of Love. Isn’t he amazing!?

Yeah, I know I said boyfriend. No, I haven’t used that word on this blog before, at least not when referring to a romantic interest of mine.

I didn’t see this coming, not even a little. As I wrote in my previous post, I had basically been blowing King off, and DEFINITELY wasn’t thinking he could EVER be a serious contender. Even after our first date which was amazing, I was keeping him at bay and even bailed on a scheduled date because Gray had worn me out with sex beforehand.

Gray was really the reason I wasn’t taking King seriously I suppose. But given the fact that Gray recently made a grave error in judgement in his dealings with me, I was able to shift my attention from him to King. And that may be the only reason I even noticed how amazing King is. Some might call it luck, others fate.

I don’t care what it is, I’m just really happy it happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not glad that Gray and I started having issues, but if there was ever a perfect time for a guy to make me question his loyalty and affection towards me, it’s now, while King is handling me perfectly.

Gray went dark on me for 9 days without so much as a word after a somewhat volatile and VERY confusing evening out on the town with friends. I texted him afterwards to offer to clear the air and got no response for nearly 10 days. When he did resurface he acted as though I should just be able to pick right back up where we left off.

Oh hell no. If I learned anything from my disastrous relationship with Tristan, it’s how to spot emotional manipulation. Gray is going to have to turn the beat around if he wants to be a part of my inner circle again. And that’s just what I told him.

He wants to meet to present our respective “sides of the story.” Yawn. Maybe if I didn’t have like the hottest romance of the century currently going on and he didn’t have a live-in girlfriend, that would seem like a better idea. I don’t know.  I *do* know that now is not a time that I can be bothered with clearing the air.

10 days ago, yes. But not after he blatantly ignored me for 2 weeks and came skating back in expecting everything to be fine. Totally uncool Gray. Totally.

So I have another date with King tonight. Yay! We haven’t had intercourse yet, but we have had some very sexy romps in the bedroom, and I am practically drooling with anticipation for his cock inside me. But as I said in a previous post, I am letting him run the tempo there since I haven’t exactly sorted my shit totally out with Gray. But things are getting closer to be sorted, so maybe we could just test the waters tonight??

A girl can only hope! Wish me luck lovies, I think this one is a keeper!





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