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Lola Meets the King of Love

Hi lovies,

In my last post from about a month ago I was all geared up to give Max another chance. But Max burned his last bridge with me, and that story isn’t worth the energy it would take to tell. So we’ll just say Max and Lola: The End.

Next order of business is my relationship with Gray.

Sigh. Gray, Gray, Gray. WTF is going on inside this man’s head? Due to a very strange “emotional outburst” from him the other night, I have decided to take a step back from him to see what the fuck he really wants. If he wants to live with Florida, and date others, he can jolly well do that. If he wants a relationship with me, he’ll have to let me know.  But what he can’t do is act like an asshole to me because I’m dating other men.  I have to draw the line there.  I’d tell you what happened, but I’m still trying to figure it out myself.

These sad-sack men are dragging me down. Ha ha. Let’s move on to the real story – The King Of Love.

King of Love messaged me on OkCupid a month or so ago, and my first reaction was “holy shit he’s hot.” My second reaction was “holy shit he’s only 28.”

I figured he was trying to hook up with a sexy older woman so I treated him coolly, but I was still very intrigued.  He asked for a date that night, and I said maybe we could do something Friday. I really had no intention of doing anything with him on Friday, it was more to get him off of the idea of seeing me that night.  I know, I should be ashamed of myself. I honestly thought he’d lose interest before then, and I didn’t give it a second thought.

When Friday rolled around, I had another date on the books. So when I got the text from King asking if we were still on for OUR date, I felt absolutely horrible.  But not horrible enough to cancel my other date.  Given this shoddy treatment, I figured that would be the end of King, (and rightly so), and I erased all of our messages and went head first into one of the most horrible dates I’ve ever had with another guy. Karma is a bitch. Lol.

About a week went by when shockingly King texted me again, asking how I was and if I would like to do something with him that week. I couldn’t believe he had resurfaced, but I was also ready to move on from him, thinking he was looking for the aforementioned hook-up.  And that’s just what I told him.

He seemed rather unfazed and said, “Just one date. You never know, we might be perfect for each other!” Fuck it. He’s right, I thought. What harm could come from meeting him and assessing the situation face to face.

So I agreed to the date. “Where are you thinking you’d like to meet?” I asked, envisioning hooking up for a drink or two at a local bar. When he threw out taking me to a fancy dinner I instantly felt the walls closing in, and my head was screaming, pressure, pressure, pressure! As I was wondering how the hell I could escape a dinner date if it was going south, he threw out the name of a restaurant that I have been wanting to try FOREVER.

That does it, I thought to myself assuredly, realizing it was a classy move on his part to make the gesture of treating me to a romantic dinner. Maybe I’ve become too cynical, I thought, to always be thinking ahead to my exit strategy for a date. Lol.

So there I was, perched at the bar of this classy restaurant enjoying a glass of red wine waiting for him to arrive. When he strode confidently in the doorway I felt my heart skip a beat. Nothing had prepared me for his tall, athletic build, thick black wavy hair, and overly sexy aura.

Dayum, he’s really beautiful. I thought to myself, feeling quite lucky. And before I had a chance to wonder how he felt about me, he looked down at me appreciatively and said, “wow, you are even more gorgeous than in your pictures. Wow,” he repeated. He stood back and stared for a second, and it appeared that he had just won the lottery. Lol. I was instantly at ease knowing he was as attracted to me in person as he was to my photos. But there was still this age thing, and I had all kinds of questions about whether or not he was up to the task of keeping me interested in anything other than his pretty face and sexy body.

Throughout the next 2 hours, King put every single one of those fears to rest. He was an excellent conversationalist, very intelligent and extremely respectful while at the same time, appropriately complimentary. It was like I was on a date with the world’s most perfect man.

At one point, during a lull in the conversation he gazed admiringly across the table at me and said, “what color are your eyes? They are not brown,” he mused, as he leaned closer. “Are they green with flecks of hazel? They are absolutely beautiful.” I preened, thrilled that a guy was taking note of a feature other than my breasts. Lol. He went on to say, “you do not look American, you have a more exotic look about you.”  The romance was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I felt myself opening up to him like a flower.

We talked for hours until the restaurant was closing, and when he walked me to my car, I reached up to kiss him good night and felt his body trembling. We kissed for a few glorious minutes and I said good night.

We’ve had three dates since, and every time I see him I like him even more. We have not had sex yet, but I have sampled the goods, and let me tell you, his cock is magnificent.  I would love to have a large-scale print of it on my wall. Lol.

He was over to my house last night for the first time, and he very adamantly told me he wants a relationship. I decided it would not be fair to him to have sex until I have determined what I want out of this and have my shit sorted out with Gray. But that certainly didn’t stop me from delivering one of my world-class blow jobs!

So the King of Love has entered the race, and I gotta tell you lovies, I’m liking his chances.



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