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Lola and Max: Chapter 2

Some of my loyal followers may remember Max, the extremely sexy former pro baseball player, now an executive in the marketing industry.

When I met Max, it was as though all the stars aligned to create one harmonious and dream-filled moment. It was love at first sight for me, for sure. Weeks of glorious moments followed. A super-charged electric passion seemed to course through our relationship, whether we were together or apart. It was the kind of connection I can count on one hand having in my life, and I knew it was special.

Things were going along pretty smoothly, especially given the fact that I was still nursing a gaping hole in my heart from Tristan. And it seemed like maybe I had found a dude who could win my heart again.  Just as we were starting to negotiate the terms of our relationship, it ended.

Max’s extremely weird exit from my life occurred with a loud slamming of the door. You can read about his extremely juvenile retreat here, but I’ll just say in summary, that it was a shocking break-up and I just wasn’t convinced we were through. I thought he would come crawling back, grovel at my feet for my forgiveness and we would work things out.

But I never heard from him again, and I moved forward. Ain’t nothing gonna slow this girl down, after all!

Truthfully I wasn’t very bent out of shape over it since it was becoming confining to have something so similar to a “boyfriend.” I doubt I even shed one tear over it. If I did, I don’t remember.

I didn’t hear from him for nearly two years, but that all changed a few weeks ago when I logged into my LinkedIn account and saw his handsome face as a recommended connection. Without even thinking, I clicked on his photo and hit “connect.”

“Why the hell not?” I thought to myself. “He probably won’t accept, but who the hell cares?” Then I logged out and went on with my life. Several days later when I logged in again, I saw I had a message from him.

It was a very heartfelt and genuine apology – basically the groveling I thought I would have gotten from him two years ago. So I wrote him back, extending my forgiveness and told him to text me sometime. Again, I didn’t really think he would want to reconnect more than as business professionals, and didn’t care one way or the other.

That night I got a text from him and just like that, we were off to the races once again. He’s been calling me every day since, and texting me every night.  He’s quite attentive, and I’m still so fucking attracted to him. He’s tall, dark and handsome, with just enough age to show he’s a MAN. His tall, strapping body still has the form of a pro athlete and I’ll never forget how nice his cock was. ; )

He just does it for me. Some of you may recollect that he was the only man I ever actually officially considered myself “in a relationship” with in over a decade. Largely because I let him treat me like his girlfriend. I’ve had plenty of one-sided relationships. Ones where either I’m not into the guy, or he’s not as into me, but with Max I felt he had enough that I wanted to at least give him a chance to play that role. I was really trying, and I was even kinda starting to consider him a boyfriend, but it was a change I was having trouble with – going from Ms. Independent to checking in with a guy every few hours. That was definitely difficult for me. But I was trying. And succeeding.

One major difference in our story from then to now is that we live in different cities, and are separated by 100 miles or so. Now for me that’s a bonus, since I have a regular thing going with Gray, but it could mean that things fizzle out between Max and me before long.

But we’ll soon find out, as he’ll be spending the night tomorrow night, which is freaking me completely out given that I NEVER sleep with men. Sex yes, sleeping no. (A little Lola one-on-one for ya). But once again, I feel he’s worth it enough to at least try to take that step.

So chapter two begins with Max. The only question in my mind is will there be a chapter three?

Stay tuned lovies, I should know more after this weekend!




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