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Blazing Saddles


I’m once again back in the dating saddle, realizing I’m too gaga for Gray and need to mix it up a bit. What is it they say? Hold on loosely but don’t let go? That’s what I’m doing with Gray these days.

He just left, in fact. About an hour ago. Fucked me extra good, and I had two louder than normal orgasms. : )

So I’m back in the throes of the online dating world and had a date with Dominic the other night. I have a hicky on my right boob to prove there was some chemistry, but sadly I don’t think I’ll see him again.

Good looking, world-traveled, great hair, nice body, fashion forward and a key player in the fashion industry – Dominic is very cool, but alas not my type.

I didn’t come to that conclusion until we were back at his place where he had me pressed up against a wall and was kissing me madly, when suddenly he dropped to his knees, and in one swift motion stripped my pants to my ankles and was poised to eat my pussy.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa boy,” I said, suddenly uncomfortable with the speed of things. He backed off immediately, and we finished our tour of his home before settling in on his deck with a glass of wine.

I was already planning my escape, realizing coming to his house was not one of my brighter ideas, when he literally mounted my lap and started kissing me again.

I could feel his hard cock pushing itself into the sweet spot between my thighs, and while on some level it appealed to me, somehow I felt like he was too dire or something. I just wasn’t feeling it. I mean, it was a first date, after all. A little restraint from a 45-year-old man doesn’t hurt, right?  Hell, if I wanted a horny high schooler, I’d be taking up the slew of twenty-something guys trying to hook up with me on a regular basis. Not my thing. Not right now, anyway. Meaningless sex just isn’t what I’m going for.

So I have decided to take Dominic up on his offer to be friends,  provided he can control himself the next time he’s around me, which remains to be seen.

Next on the list is a 33-year-old Physical Therapist with a perfect body. We’ve actually been talking off and on for a year. Since my return to the online dating world he decided to finally give me his number in case I vanish again, and thus we’ve had quite the sexy texting sessions. This guy is right down my alley… young body, old soul and insatiable cock. As my friend Sloane says, “Wheelhouse.” ; )

Wheelhouse is right. That combination is irresistible to me. He laid out his fantasy evening for me, and I must say I’m intrigued.

Take Amtrak to track #11 into Chicago. I’ll meet you there. I’d like to see you in 6″ heels, lace thigh-highs with a garter belt and a sweater dress with your tits on display. I’ll take you out to dinner/drinks/dancing and watch all the guys get jealous before I take you back to a swanky hotel and fuck your brains out.

Suffice it to say that today I went shopping for a sweater dress.

Maybe I’ll have the strength to write about my cluster-fucked-up relationship with Dustin next time, but probably not. I whisked him away for a weekend to the Upper Peninsula recently. He brought his riding crop and we had some fun in the bedroom, and out, for that matter. Laughter, dancing, drinking and just some overall shenanigans. But as has been the case for several years, I literally feel nothing for him. Plus his cock tastes funny. And I just don’t have time to be sucking a cock that tastes funny when I’m not into a guy.

Until next time, stay hot and wet. I’ll do the same, obvs.



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