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Finding My Same Kind of Different

Gray and I reached an important milestone in our relationship a few days ago – He spent the night. The WHOLE night!

Now this is important to me for a couple of reasons, beyond the fact that we have been sexually involved for over a year and never slept together. ; )

  1. I rarely want guys to spend the night. And by rarely I mean Roberto, Tristan and now Gray. Those are the men I have actually wanted to sleep with. Every other guy I’ve been with over the past decade has been asked to either hit the road after sex, sleep on the couch or I have decided to suffer through one night because I didn’t want to be a complete asshole. Those men haven’t had return sleepovers, and only in rare instances have had sex with me again.
  2. The very few instances that Gray has fallen asleep at my place, it’s only been for a short time before he wakes up and rallies himself to go home.  This time he got up around 3AM to go to the bathroom, and I thought he’d for sure start getting dressed to leave. Instead he crawled back into bed, snuggled up against me and went back to sleep. ♥

I smiled sleepily as I burrowed my head into his solid chest, viewing it somehow as a great victory for our relationship, for the aforementioned reasons.

I don’t expect this to change anything, nor do I expect it will ever happen again. I’m just happy that it happened, and that I wanted it to happen. That’s major progress for this woman!

I was talking to Elle today about our respective “abnormal” relationships. I really hesitate to say they are abnormal, since I really don’t know what the hell the norm is. But she is in an open relationship with her man, who is still not divorced, and I’m in pretty much the same boat with a few other additional factors – namely that Gray has a live-in girlfriend and we don’t have a single boundary in place with regard to our relationship. Not a single one.

Anyway I was telling her that we should both (and I really feel that we already do) feel like it’s a major feat that we are both so happy with our men.

I think what makes it so special for me is that I’ve found a man who is willing to live this lifestyle with me even though it may be somewhat unorthodox. It’s like it’s me and him against the world. We aren’t trying to live under any parameters society might have built as far as relationships go, we are simply blazing our own trail, making it up as we go along.

For me, a great relationship is really about finding that person who is the “same kind of different” that I am and running with it. I’ve finally found my true partner in crime in Gray, and I’m simply enjoying the ride.



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