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My Two Favorite Things

Wow. My last post was in May. I’ve seriously neglected my little fan club! Let me see, where did I leave off….

Oh yes, my epic date with 3 men simultaneously. Gray, Mateo and Big. I haven’t seen Big again. I decided he was not for me when he dropped me off that night. I couldn’t get away from him fast enough, as a matter of fact.

Gray and Mateo remain in the picture, and are pretty much arch enemies at this point, due to their shared jealously. Interestingly enough I have only had anal sex and oral sex with Mateo. For some odd reason I won’t let him fuck me? I have not really analyzed why, but it makes zero sense since a couple of months ago I hooked up with a complete stranger and fucked HIM six ways to Sunday.

That was an interesting day.

I was just in the mood to do something crazy, and he was gorgeous, had a KILLER body and was very hot for me, so I took him up on his offer to go to his place and have sex. That was the first time I have fucked a guy 15 years younger than me, and it was pretty sexy. He could do all kinds of difficult sexual positions that I’ve never even tried. It was recreational fun and a good workout, ha ha. But in spite of him trying to see me again and again, I decided he would be a “one-time thing.” No point in adding to the already spicy mix.

Things are good with Gray. We have settled into this dysfunctional relationship pretty well, all things considered. Lol. Florida still lives with him, but her name hardly ever comes up. I never ask about her, and he rarely mentions her. She’s not a problem for our relationship.

I’m in love with him, there is no doubt about that. I still want to rip his clothes off every time I see him (and often do). I’m not exactly sure how he feels about me, and that’s okay. I really don’t need to know. What we have, simply put, is enough.

I like our relationship because it’s got a lot of variety.

He takes me out on dates occasionally, but for the most part he comes and goes from my place as he pleases. Sometimes we hang out and watch tv, sometimes we start making out the moment he hits the door, sometimes I’m laying in bed naked waiting for him to come play with my tits and pussy, sometimes he stays for dinner, sometimes we meet for lunch, sometimes he comes and snuggles with me in the morning, sometimes we just text back and forth to check in with one another, and sometimes I meet him wherever he is out with friends. It just totally depends, and we mostly play it by ear. It’s really a “fly by the seat of our pants” type of relationship, which is perfect for me. The relationship where “anything can happen” is the one best suited for me.

I make sure to leave nothing unsaid with him, even though he leaves most everything unsaid with me. ; ) I tell him I love him whenever I feel like it, I tell him when he hurts my feelings, I tell him when I’m thinking about his big cock, I tell him that I think he’s amazing, I tell him how sexy he is, I thank him for his sweet gestures, and I make sure to appreciate him as a man.

And appreciate him I do. He gets a world-class blow job every time we are intimate. And EVERY time I make it better than the last. I truly worship his cock, and he knows it.

As far as Mateo goes, I have found him to have a lot of depth. You might know how depth gets me. Mateo told an entire bar full of people the other night that he was my “number two, and he hates being number two.”  There wasn’t much I could say, since he’s 100% right – he is my second choice.  He’s completely single, so that’s probably a big reason why he’s my second choice, ha ha.

I like to play it safe and dangerous at the same time. Yes, I realize I’m a walking oxymoron.

I fall in love with the guy with a live in girlfriend and break the heart of the sexy bartender… And I know exactly why.

Because the guy with the girlfriend is both dangerous and safe. In him I find the freedom to give myself completely knowing he can’t (or won’t) match it.

For me that is the epitome of being both dangerous and safe. It’s dangerous to give myself to someone, but safe because he won’t ask me for more than I can give. This winning combination yields my two favorite things – #Freedom #Passion 

What could be better than that?




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