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A Fairytale Romance (Mateo included??)

Hi Lovies,

The fairy tale has come true. The perfect relationship has been built and I’m finally seeing the full benefits of the past year and a half.

The other night Gray was over, and he was piping hot about a guy who had gotten my number right under his nose.

Now let me set the stage for you a little, because I think Gray got fired up when he had no right to.

I was invited to a VIP event a couple of weeks ago by my former business partner who I’m always afraid will hit on me every time I see him, so I invited Gray to go with me to keep me safe from all the predators.  Lol. Gray’s response was, “It’s not my kind of event.”

So fine, I decided to invite Big to be my date for the evening and he happily agreed. I told Gray that Big was going to be my date and we were going to a pre-party before the event for a couple of drinks if he wanted to stop by.

Boy did he ever “stop by.”

The night really turned into pure hell for me. Gray showed no signs of leaving my side and even decided to come along to the VIP Event since he too had been invited by my former business partner.

Oh hell.

About two drinks in at the pre-party, the hot bartender, who I have met twice, was pouring me free shots and being his usual friendly self, all the while, I was sitting between Big and Gray wanting to crawl into a hole for the night. When I came back from the restroom to find Big and Gray happily chatting, I took a seat on the other side of Big, thus moving me out of the middle and started talking to the hot bartender. And since the hot bartender has since become part of the male rotation, allow me to introduce you.

Meet Mateo. Tall dark and handsome, with perfect white teeth and a great sense of style. He’s thirty-four, no kids and no wife or girlfriend, which is not my usual type. Lol. JK.  Mateo is cool. He’s got a unique blend in his personality of chill and attentiveness.

So anyway, given my hellish circumstances, I decided to disappear from reality for a bit to chat with Mateo while Big and Gray measured cocks. Oh God, that reminds me. At one point both Big and Gray had their phones on the bar and they looked the same. I foolishly asked, “Do you guys have the same phone?”

Big (who has the bigger cock) looked down and said, “No, his is bigger than mine.” Fucking AWKWARD since Gray knows I’ve slept with Big, and also knows that I once said Big had a huge cock.  So yeah, that happened, among a million other awkward things such as when I was getting hot (literally sweating from extreme nervousness) Big took an ice-cube, swept my hair away from my neck and proceeded to rub my neck with the ice-cube in front of Gray.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

Back to Mateo. About 20 minutes before we left, Mateo decided to go with us to the event and see if he could get in as a guest. I guess someone in the group must have invited him. Lol. I think it was actually Gray. Bet he’s regretting that decision about now.

So there I am, on the balcony VIP event with not one, not two, but THREE guys. Naturally I continued to try to minimize awkwardness by talking to Mateo.

Well at this point, Mateo decided to start asking some questions.

“So, what’s your story? You’re here with these two guys?” He asked with obvious intrigue.

Laughing. “Yes, Gray is a friend and I’m not all that interested in Big, to be quite honest.”

Mateo looked at me horrified and said, “You’re kind of an asshole!” I sheepishly hung my head, realizing it was quite tacky to tell him I wasn’t all that interested in my date for the evening. “You’re right. I suck. I probably am kind of an asshole. Comes with years of committment phobia, I suppose.”

He laughed and told me it was ok.

We continued to chat until Big came over, put his arm around me and started pulling me out to dance. I danced with him for a while, keeping an eye on Gray’s whereabouts, who was happily chatting with a group of several people. I decided to try to have some fun dancing with Big. We walked off the dance floor, stood right next to Gray and decided to take a breather with a drink.

It was at this most inopportune moment that Big pulled me towards him and started kissing me. Right before I let him have my tongue, my eyes locked with Gray’s and I saw him look away.  FUCK.

It was awful. I felt like I was sticking a knife in the heart of a man I love and twisting it around. I kissed Big for the bare minimum amount of time and told him we should probably go somewhere more private if we were going to make out.  Once we came back, Gray seemed standoffish and Mateo was gone.

So Big and I left. He took me home and I didn’t invite him in. My focus was on Gray and I was worried I had fucked it up.

About that time I got a text from Mateo telling me he had left because he didn’t want to make things more awkward for me, but if I needed a ride, he would happily come and get me.

I collapsed in my bed with about a million emotions, but the one at the top of the list was if I had hurt Gray.

So that’s the background information on what has led up to this perfect relationship point between me and Gray. Hard to believe that kind of story could yield good results for he and I, but it would seem it has.

As I said when I started this blog post…

The other night Gray was over, and he was piping hot about a guy who had gotten my number right under his nose. That guy is Mateo, from my story above.

I explained the situation to Gray, that Mateo had asked about my circumstances and what I had told him, thus making him feel like he had every right to ask for my number.

Gray still wasn’t appeased, saying he should punch his lights out for hitting on me right in front of him. He was illogical, clearly. So I just decided to tell him how I feel.

“I told him we are friends, because that’s what we’ve been telling people, but I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with you.”

Gray looked at me with heightened interest and half asked, half said, “Wow, really? But you’ve always told me you don’t want to be tied down, and all that stuff?”

I was a woman on a mission. The mission was to be completely clear about my feelings. So I simply said, “That was true before I fell in love with you. Now I feel like even though I don’t know how it might go, I would be willing to try to be in a real relationship with you.”

He seemed stunned, but thrilled. He replied by saying he thinks we are at a point in our relationship where we should tell each other if we sleep with anyone else. He also said that he feels we are extremely close and our relationship is already way more healthy than any other he’s ever had.

As we had our little heart to heart he had slowly been inching toward me on the couch. Finally he was right there beside me and took my hand in his. I told him it was okay to tell me he loves me too, if that’s how he feels. And after I gave him permission, I slowly unzipped his shorts, pulled his cock out and sucked it for every last drop of pre-cum, then took him into my bed and showed him how much I love him.

Bliss is mine, and I’m going to enjoy every minute while it lasts.

And if you’re wondering…Mateo is quite smitten and has made it his current goal to woo me. He’ll have his work cut out for him.



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