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Online Dating — Welcome Back to the Freak Show

Good Saturday to you lovies! I haven’t written for a while, but I’m settled in with my favorite “embrace the moment” mug filled with some strong, black coffee and rarin’ to tell all once again!

Somewhere in January, I made the decision to stop seeing other people and only date Gray. Why? Good question. At the time it seemed perfectly natural, since I was feeling completely fulfilled and things seemed pretty damn perfect. That decision served me well for nearly two months, but as of the last couple of weeks I have begun to re-evaluate things, and decided to redefine the parameters of my relationship with Gray. What are those parameters? I will continue to date other people in addition to him. Why? It was becoming too complicated. Feelings were getting involved, mainly on my part, I suppose, but who really knows?

What did Gray have to say about my decision to see other people? “I think that’s great.” Time will tell how “great” he thinks it is, but for now, he’s cool with it.

I read a phenomenal article on friends with benefits last week about the four stages of every friends with benefits relationship and realized that Gray and I have definitely blurred the lines between relationship and FWB. In fact, we are more relationship than FWB. So to right the ship I have decided to pull away from him, play it cool and meet other men. This is the only chance we have to keep our arrangement intact.

So I’m back on my favorite dating site, OkCupid. And it didn’t take long for the men to come flocking, as you can imagine. One guy in particular piqued my interest so much that I was planning to meet him this weekend. In fact, if he wouldn’t have screwed it up, he’d probably be in a threesome with Elle and I at this very moment.

Alas, he botched things up and I may have to report his sorry ass to the authorities if he doesn’t pull his shit together soon.

Let me tell you what happened.

I was scrolling endlessly through my inbox when a trendy, sexy euro style guy’s message stopped me short. Since I recently blocked him, I cannot see the first message he sent, but I know it was good enough to warrant a reply from me.

He is 31, has his masters in biochemical engineering or something and seemed pretty cool. We chatted a bit over a couple of days and he asked for my number. I gave it to him and we started texting and trading pictures.  If you know me at all, you know that a hot, younger guy texting me pictures of his fine self gets me to wondering about what he’s packing. My obsession is with the cock. It just is. So when he offered to show me his big dick, well….I’m weak! I never, EVER turn that down.

Pretty soon, here came a photo of quite possibly the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen…then another, then another. Well FUCK! As one of my friends said, “he’s a bona fide porn star.”  It was about 9″ long, fairly thick and I’ll be damned if he didn’t have a set of BALLS on him. I love a big pair of balls. Lol.

So I sent him a couple naked pics of myself and things were underway. I know, I know. Stupid. Totally stupid. As Jez says, naked pictures should probably be saved until after the first meeting.  I seem to forget how much trouble it can cause from time to time.

He started asking about my sexual fantasy, and I couldn’t really come up with one, sadly. So he told me his.

EuroPornStar: I have never had a threesome, so that is why that is my sexual fantasy. Two girls and me. So if you have a girlfriend you would be willing to share with me just once, it would be great.

Lola: I do have a friend who would do that. (referring of course, to Elle)

EuroPornStar: Really? Is she as hot as you? Do you have a picture of her please?

So I texted Elle and apprised her of the situation and requested a certain picture showing her bare ass. Without delay Elle fired it over. (we are obviously double trouble).

I sent the picture over to EuroPornStar and things were really cooking now. We were setting up a schedule of when this lovely threesome might take place, and everything was exciting and fun.  But then the poor boy couldn’t even *begin* to *tap* the brakes when I told him I was on the phone. He kept pestering me, firing message after message to me even though I was not replying, and he knew I was busy. I set him straight TWICE, telling him I was on the phone and I would try to catch him later. He simply would not calm down.

The texts were relentless, and he asked me to call him. I finally said,”Look. You’re coming on way too strong and I need some space. I might contact you tomorrow if I feel like it.”

He apologized and said he was just excited. I suddenly felt sorry for him, realizing I had created quite a vision for the youngster between the pictures and the threesome fantasy becoming a reality. I told him it was fine, that I understood his excitement but I needed space. He said he would wait for me to contact him.

Two hours later I got a text from him asking me to call him before I went to bed so he could explain something to me.

I ignored him. I was pissed at this point. He was just blatantly ignoring my request for space. I couldn’t be bothered with him so I went to bed. I woke up to three or four texts, some of which were sexual, some which were explaining yet again why he had come on so strong.

For the love of CHRIST, kid! Pull it together!! That was the coup de grace for me and I sent him this message.

Lola: After giving it some thought I have decided we are not suited for each other. I know you were excited and I appreciate your apology for coming on so strong. I just do not do well with that type of guy.

EuroPornStar: Okay, good luck!

Lola: Thank you and good luck to you too.

EuroPornStar: Can I still get business advice from you, or you don’t want to talk to me at all?

Lola: I don’t think it’s a good idea. I just don’t have a good feeling about all of this. It seems forced or something.

He then tried to call, I hit ignore. He called again a few minutes later and again, I ignored. Pretty soon he texted me and asked me to call him because “I’m the only woman who’s ever felt like this about him and he feels horrible right now.”

FUCK! This guy is a basketcase.

I texted him one final time in hopes to get him off my back.

Lola: Don’t feel horrible. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I have nothing against you personally, and I wish you the best. You are a good-looking guy with a sexy cock. I’m just not your girl.

Several more texts rolled in asking me to call him so he could explain. I finally blocked his number. Pretty soon I got a call from a restricted number and I did not answer.

Somehow the block hasn’t stopped his texts and I got one Thursday telling me he was still free this weekend if I changed my mind, and last night a text saying he wanted to put a strawberry halfway into my pussy and eat it out of me. I didn’t reply to either.

After talking it over with Jez, I decided to state for the record that I asked him to stop calling me in case I need to make a case against this asshole in court.

Lola: Please do not contact me again.

EuroPornStar: Sure.

Think that’s the end of him? Jez and I have our doubts. Welcome back to online dating right??!!!

Fuck me.






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