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Well, not surprisingly I have landed myself smack dab in the middle of yet another love triangle.  It seems I invariably find myself lost somewhere in the Bermuda triangle.

I have written quite a bit about Gray over the past year, and if you follow this blog, you know that I am *quite* fond of him. I fell in love with him last October in a crystal clear defining moment in his office. You also may know that shortly after I met him, his on/off girlfriend (Florida) moved in with him. That arrangement has not affected the progression of our relationship much, if at all, and we have developed a nice little bond in spite of her.

But given his complicated circumstances, as well as my hesitation to be part of an actual full-fledged relationship, I have continued to meet and date others.

It never really occurred to me that I might eventually find another guy I *really like* which could complicate matters further – Until it happened.

Meet SEXY as FUCK! Jude. Standing 6’2″ with a lean athletic build, sparkling oceanic blue eyes and a full head of lightly styled blonde locks, he is not my usual type, but has me drooling nonetheless.  He oozes style and class, and is the quintessential gentleman, opening car doors and pulling out chairs for me. The fact that he has been married three times only further classifies him as a man I’d be intrigued by. I just seem to love men with baggage!

Our first date was a perfect 10, as was our second date.  The night we met he suggested we meet at a classy spanish wine/tapas bar that I had heard wonderful things about. I was impressed. As we sat close together in the dimly lit lounge, he mesmerized me with his bright blue eyes and pearly white teeth. It was as though I couldn’t look away from his face. When he spoke, I found myself really wanting to listen and watch as he eloquently laced his baritone words together in a beautiful symphony of intelligence, wit and worldliness, all emanating from his bright countenance as widely as the sun.

We sat talking for 3 hours before I finally decided it was time for me to go. We stood on the corner of the quaint street, with brightly lit romantic trees lining the cobblestone sidewalks and started kissing like we were the only two people in the world. A few folks walked past and several cars cruised by as we made out, but we didn’t seem to care.

When I finally broke the kiss to walk away he smiled and said, “Can I see you again?”

“Yes, I’d like that.” I said without hesitation.

“Okay, he said with a satisfied grin. I’m going to watch you walk away now,” he flirted shamelessly.

I was amused and pleased and threw back over my shoulder, “I’ll put an extra strut in my step just for you then,” as I sashayed away confidently.

For our second date he invited me to dinner, and offered to pick me up around 7. I can count on one hand how many men I have let pick me up for a date. It’s just not something I do. Especially so early on in the relationship. It always feels so confining or something. But I had no problem with him doing this for some reason, and when I emerged from my house, he quickly sprang from his sleek Audi sportster to open the door and shut it securely behind me after I was safely ensconced in the plush interior.

He whisked me to a nearby five star restaurant where he strolled right up to the hostess past several waiting guests to say he had a reservation for two. Again, I was impressed. I settled in across from him in the cozy little booth and took in his appearance. He had on a black leather jacket over a trendy black and gray crewneck, dark rinse jeans and a very cool pair of gray lace-up boots. Ironically I was dressed similarly, with a caramel colored leather jacket over a royal blue satin blouse with a plunging neckline and a pair of black skinny jeans with gold ankle boots.

I guess we were both sizing one another up at the same time, because it was at that point he gave me a flirtatious little wink and said, “You look very good in blue.”

We picked right back up where we had left off. We get on very well, similar humor and life views. I really enjoy talking with him. I made a decision somewhere over dinner to invite him in when he dropped me off.  When we got inside my house, he excused himself to the restroom and I took off my shoes and socks. When he joined me in the living room, I said, “So this is my bedroom in here,” as I summoned him towards my love nest. We stood in the warm glow of the low lights of my bedroom for a moment, him uttering the appropriate niceties on my style when I suddenly reached up to start kissing him and subsequently fucked his brains out.


It was wild, passionate and uncensored sex, starting with me on top using the headboard to stabilize my body as I fucked him so hard I thought I might pull the headboard loose, and culminating with him on top grinding me into ecstasy. Twenty minutes after it was over, we did it all over again.

Jude has a very nice body. He’s on the slimmer side, but has well sculpted muscles and a defined chest boasting just the right amount of fuzz. His ass is tight and tiny, and his legs are long and greek-god-like. His cock isn’t overly large, but it’s nice! And it certainly stood at firm attention for me. In fact it was so erect it was pointed straight to his belly button the entire time.

More than anything fucking him was fun, in a recreational work-out type of way I guess. Ha ha. When he left a couple of hours later, my mind was already reliving the hotness we had just shared.

But then the next day I was missing Gray and feeling all kinds of confusion. How is this going to work? Will this impact my relationship with Gray? Is this really what I want, two men? Will I be able to manage fucking two guys or will I start to feel emotions for both men? I had so many questions, but as I reached for my phone to text Gray I just casually asked how his day was going. He replied and asked me about my date (as he always does). I told him the truth which was that the date had been kind of wild.

Gray: Wild how?

Lola: Wild sexually.

Gray: Nice.

Lola: Yeah, he’s into me. Lol.

Gray: In more ways than one. Lol.

Lola: Ha. He’s had a vasectomy, so that’s nice.

There was radio silence for about 20 minutes until I couldn’t seem to shake my feelings of weirdness over the situation and texted him back.

Lola: So I guess you and me have sex and we also have sex with other people. Is that weird?

His succinct response came through immediately and really said it all. “Yes.”

So I don’t know lovies. I guess it would be fair to tell Jude I’m fucking someone else, right? Right…??? I never know how to handle these types of situations. I don’t really want to choose one at this point, and I guess I want both men in my life and in my bed. Of course I have a stronger emotional connection with Gray given our shared history, but since he’s got Florida, he’s not really available. Jude is completely available and I actually like him. I hardly ever like available men!

I would say it’s bound to get interesting with these two hotties in the mix. And who knows? Maybe the love triangle is really the best angle for me.






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