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“A Fifty Shades Of Gray Kinda Day”

For more than one reason Thursday was a “fifty shades of gray” kind of day.  Not only did I have an extremely satisfying and sexy bedroom romp with Gray, I also was lucky enough to have an elevator scene such as the one from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer with Yale.

On Thursday morning when I awoke, I certainly had NO intention of going on a date with another guy on the same day I intended to celebrate my first anniversary with Gray, but that’s exactly what happened. Life can move pretty quickly sometimes.

I wanted Gray and I to meet for at least one celebratory drink at a bar that held special memories for me since it was the night he asked what would happen if we started dating and fell in love. It had been one of those magical nights, and the bar has my favorite wine, so it seemed like a no-brainer.  We had a small window of time to spend with one another, just under three hours. Not a lot, but turned out to be plenty, nonetheless.

I pulled into the parking lot as he was getting out of his sleek black car and he looked fucking hot in a pair of jeans and a black pin-stripe button-down shirt. SUPER SEXY! His facial hair was the perfect length of scruff and I instantly had trouble focusing. I was all giddy and shit, touching him often, playing with my hair, riveted to his every word, you get the idea. I’m into this guy. Lol.

We ordered our drinks, talked about life and what went down the last time we were at this bar. At one point he reached over and put his hand over mine which was resting on my leg, and kept it there as he smilingly listened to me chatter. Sometimes I think he loves me. : )  I raised my glass for a toast, but I wanted to keep it light, so I just said, “Cheers to us.” Gray smiled and echoed my sentiments. “Cheers to us,” he happily agreed.

We talked about our dating lives with our respective others, and I mentioned that I would be heading off to Chicago over the weekend to meet Yale. He wanted to know two things right off the bat: How old he was and what he did for a living. (44 and a financial planner). I threw in the fact that he was a Yale graduate and played football there, just in case he was thinking this guy might not be stiff enough competition for him. I like to keep Gray on his toes whenever possible.  He didn’t react much and soon we were onto the next topic.

When the bartender asked if I would like a second glass of wine I turned to Gray and inquired, “What time is it?”

He consulted his phone and said it was a little after 5:00PM. This meant we had about an hour and a half left together. I told the bartender no thank you and leaned in close to Gray and whispered seductively, “I want to make sure I’ve got enough time to have you.”

He grinned from ear to ear and asked for the bill.

When we arrived at my house he walked into the living room and started to sit on the couch. I caught him before he settled in as I called assertively, “The bedroom, babe.”

“Oh,” he said rather amused as he obediently stopped himself from sitting. “Okay.”

I went into the restroom and emerged with just my shirt on. He was already lying on the bed completely naked, and it was just about the most beautiful sight I can ever remember seeing. His muscular body was relaxed easily on my luxurious white sheets, his gray head comfortably perched on several feather pillows against the silvery tufted headboard. It was a magnificent thing to see. I just wish I could see it more often!

I easily removed my satin shirt so I was also completely naked, then grabbed some massage oil from the bedside table and started rubbing his shins and calf muscles, working my way ever so slowly toward his thighs. He kept his eyes fixed on me as I worked him over. They held a constant glint in them as they sparkled almost brightly in the dimly lit room. It was as though they were saying “Damn girl, I love it when you do me like this.” Ha ha. I know! I’m completely lovesick, it’s just awful!

My massage naturally went to his cock and balls, where I spent about 10 minutes licking, sucking, stroking and tit-fucking his manhood. I wouldn’t let him come, and every time he started to moan I would back off a little. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I reached behind me where I had a condom stashed at the foot of the bed, opened it and began to slide it down his stiff cock using both hands and my mouth. I impressed myself with my sexy move, surprised at how seamless of a transition it really was. He was completely at my mercy, allowing me to have my way with him fully.

Once I had the condom all the way down his rod, I mounted him and sat upright while I used my other finger to lightly stroke my clit. He was moaning and asking me how I felt. I paused my self pleasure momentarily to lean down and whisper naughty things into his ear while he sucked my tits. Then I put my hand back down between us and pressed myself flat against his warm, muscled body and rubbed myself while his rock hard cock gently fucked me into ecstasy. He waited for me then came very loudly as he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer and closer against him while he thrust inside me.

It. Was. Hot.

I was quite spent from our lovemaking session, but after Gray left at 6:30PM, I checked my phone and noticed I had a couple of messages from Yale, who lives 3 hours away.

“Want me to come see you tonight for an hour or two? I can stay in a hotel. I really can’t wait to meet you.” I was pretty shocked, since the original plan was for me to go to Chicago over the weekend and get a room downtown.  I pushed it aside, thinking it was just a flirtatious way to show his keen interest. I quickly found out he was serious. Quite serious, in fact.

So I left it up to him. He made up his mind in less than 5 minutes, said he was hopping in the shower and getting on the road. “I’ll see you at 10:15.” he said, and that was that. The ball was in motion.

WTF??? I was on the phone with Elle at the time and we were thinking it was rather insane, but since we are both usually up for crazy, it was really nothing out of the ordinary. Ha ha.

I put on a pot of coffee, re-did my hair and makeup, researched live music venues in my area, and before I knew it I was seated at the bar of trendy spot overlooking the water, sipping a glass of Cabernet and waiting for Yale to arrive. There were very few people in the place and one lone guitar player was in the corner crooning the blues.

When Yale walked in, I rose to meet him and gave him a warm tight hug. He looked as good as his photos had, and I immediately felt drawn to him. He’s over 6’0″ with an athletic build, a full head of brown hair, quickly styled with some wax, a tan jacket over a blue button down shirt and medium rinse jeans. He looked good and I hoped he felt the same about me.

We instantly hit it off, really no awkwardness whatsoever, but I kept wondering what he thought of me. About 15 minutes into our conversation, he reached his hand over and touched my leg for a moment. That seemed like a good sign to me, that he was at least somewhat attracted to me. But I did not react or reciprocate until I was a bit more loosened up. Later I would lightly touch his shoulder or squeeze his knee sporadically as we bantered.

During the course of our hour-long conversation I found out he likes to karaoke, so I offered up a local pub. Sure enough, he was raring to go. I called to see if they were doing it, and they said “Hell yeah, come on over!”  So Yale paid our tab and we walked toward the elevator which led to our cars.

We got inside and I pushed the button as he was exclaiming he didn’t even know this place had an elevator so he had taken the stairs. I was blabbering on about how good of a location it was, when I suddenly noted him looking at me with a lustful, almost animal-like gaze and said, “I have been wanting to do this since I got here,” as he literally lunged toward me and grabbed my face with both hands and began kissing me passionately.

Somehow I wasn’t surprised, and I reciprocated with the passion that I somehow felt? He cupped my ass in his strong grip and lifted me a little off the floor as he pressed me further into the corner of the elevator while his tongue explored my mouth. I was very turned on and I let my hands wander through his thick hair as I gently sucked his tongue.

Then “ding” we were at the parking garage level and a cold midwest winter blast entered our cozy nest as the elevator doors opened.

We kept kissing. This went on for another minute until he pulled away, satisfied that he had done what he had come to do.

“Wow.” I said, literally speechless. “So there’s that.” He beamed from ear to ear, seemingly quite proud of himself.

When we arrived at our next destination it felt natural to greet him with another kiss in the parking lot before we made our way inside the dive karaoke bar.

We proceeded to sing about 5 songs (both sober, unbelievably) and around 1:00AM he arose to go to the restroom. Before he left my side he leaned down to kiss me quickly and said, “I’m not staying tonight, I am going to be leaving soon.”

I said i understood and asked if he’d be okay pulling an all-nighter on the road. He stood there for a second, next to my bar stool almost like he was gearing up to say something as he paused looking intently into my eyes.

“I would love to stay but…” His voice trailed off and I patiently waited for him to find the words he was somehow searching for.

“I think you should know that I’m bipolar.” He said finally. “And I’m cycling at the moment. I am on medication but I can also tell when things are a little out of whack. I just don’t want to do something that would feel good in the moment to satisfy my high. That would be selfish because when I come down I don’t know how I’ll feel.”

I kept my eyes on him the whole time that he talked as I nodded, rather impressed with the integrity and honesty he obviously possesses.

We talked a bit more about it and then he went to the restroom. I sat there somewhat reeling, since up until this point I had been considering him a real contender. Overall I felt a sense of relief that he had told me, but there was also sadness knowing I simply cannot do bipolar. Hell, I can’t do a personality disorder of any kind after what I went through with Tristan. Men and women have a hard enough time understanding one another without a mental illness involved, and it is definitely a deal breaker for me.

When he came back and settled in beside me we chatted about other things and amused ourselves with the antics of the drunken singers around us.

About a half hour later he said it was time for him to hit the road so we walked towards our cars where he gave me a nice big hug (lifting me off the ground a little with his zest) and kissed me lightly.

He texted me right away to say that I’m a wonderful woman. I returned the compliment and we decided to table the idea of me going to visit him in Chicago for now.

Instinctively I think we both know a relationship isn’t in the cards for us, and all I know is my reason for that. Damn personality disorder! Fucking sucks, because from where I’m sitting, Yale is certainly worthy of his ivy league status.



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