Romance / Sex

From A Suitor, Who Shall Remain Nameless

The following is a short story I am posting with the permission of a suitor. He wishes to remain anonymous, but I feel it would be doing you all a huge disservice if I didn’t at least give a short description of him. He’s a tantalizing mix of gentleman and devil. He’s very handsome, in a dignified sort of way, with thick brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His taste is impeccable when it comes to fashion and life’s finer things, not to mention his taste in women!

I got a kick out of him telling me about the sexiest thing that ever happened to him, and he has graciously allowed me to post it for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The sexiest thing that ever happened to me was actually during sex and began with the following words spoken to me by the woman I was making love to.

She said, “God, this is awful.”

You might ask just how these four words turned into something amazing.

Let’s set the scene.

She was a gorgeous brunette with deep brown eyes and a lilting southern accent. We worked together and this was one of our frequent noon hour get aways. She was completely nude, on her back with her arms raised above her head, eyes closed, her head turned to one side, like she was looking away. I was on top and gently thrusting, enjoying the blissful feeling of being inside her. She was relaxed, just dreamily enjoying the moment, or so I thought.

Then she said it. “God, this is awful.”

That was the last thing I expected to hear. “Huh? What? What’s wrong?” was all I managed to get out.

Then, with eyes still closed, head turned away from me, in that silky soft southern accent she said the words that turned it all around.

“This is so embarrassing. I’ve never been this wet before. It’s shameful.”

My mind took about a half-second to process what she said. I then had the fastest and most intense orgasm of my life. This woman had taken me from the depths of self-doubt to a powerful orgasm by uttering just fifteen words.

Pretty good story eh? And damn near perfect for this venue, too!

As far as the latest on Lola’s antics, tonight is the one year anniversary celebration with Gray and then on Saturday I’m meeting Yale for the first time. Stay tuned lovies, there’s good stuff coming down the pike!



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