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Gray and Lola: Burnin’ It Down

Gray and I managed to “slip into” our long-awaited moment of sexual intercourse in a very natural and meaningful way last night.

As I wrote in my last post, he had no idea that sex was on the menu for the evening. As far as he knew, he was coming over so we could discuss my meltdown from a few days ago, and the question I had in my mind about whether I should be stepping back from our relationship to let him focus on Florida.

Since I’m consulting and doing freelance work at the moment, (no 9-5 here), I had the entire day to mentally prepare for our moment of coitus, which only further added to my already heightened level of excitement.  I took great pride in making sure my house was in pristine condition with freshly laundered sheets on the bed. Next I headed to the store to procure his Ketel Orange vodka and picked out just the right condoms before coming home for a nice long bubble bath. As I lotioned my entire body from head to toe, and debated the right outfit, I found myself getting very nervous. But it was a good kind of nervous. Like an electric anticipation. How would it all go? I wondered. What would he be thinking? What would he say? What would I say? What would I do?

I really had no idea, but I knew whatever happened, it would be just fine.  After all, two people can’t go a whole year flirting and canoodling without having a natural flow and connection already built-in.

Elle texted about an hour before Gray’s arrival saying that she was standing by as needed. So to calm my nerves I poured a glass of wine and called her up.  She asked what I was wearing, which I wasn’t really sold on, so there was some back and forth between us and I changed twice before landing on black leggings, a skin-tight camisole and an oversized cardigan. She previously liked the idea that I should wear just a camisole and panties, but as I said, “I hardly even have panties, and since he thinks he’s coming here to talk, am I really going to greet him in next to nothing?”

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Elle concurred, “You probably shouldn’t go in with ALL your guns blazing.” We burst into uproarious laughter at the thought. She’s a funny one, that Elle.

He arrived promptly at 6:29, one minute early even!  Good move Gray. Good move.

I greeted him at the door and gave him a quick peck on the lips and he slipped his shoes off before coming in. As we passed through the kitchen I asked him if he would like a drink. “I’m good babe,” he said casually. I am sure my crestfallen face said it all as I asked incredulously, “Really? Nothing?”

“Well what do you have?” He said, quickly trying to appease me.

“Well, I’ve got Ketel Orange and Diet Sprite, but I’m certainly not trying to force you to drink or anything.” I said with a nervous little chuckle.

“That sounds perfect,” he said, seeming ever eager to please.

Once we had our drinks, he sat in his usual spot on the couch and I settled in close enough to him that he would be able to get the vibe that I was happy to see him, but not so happy that it gave him a green light to touch my boobs or anything. ; ) Since we hadn’t seen each other for two weeks, we just chatted and got caught up on some of the basics in life. Work, the holidays, his daughter, etc.

This surface banter went on for probably twenty minutes or so, but was still laced with our usual sizzle of red-hot chemistry. It was almost as though I could see the steam rising between us.

At one point a business associate rang his phone and he said he needed to take the call. As he talked with him, I put my hand in his and we let our fingers play with one another’s. He kept his eyes locked on mine as he did the business thing, and kept the call very brief.  When he got off the phone, he kept one hand in mine and reached for his drink with the other.

“Nice of you to have my favorite drink here,” he said appreciatively, with a smile.

I turned my head away almost embarrassed by the thought I had put into him and briefly uttered, “Well sure,” then adding almost under my breath, “I want to make sure you’re happy.”

It was at that moment he took the bull by the horns and said, “You weren’t happy with me the other day though,” as he cocked his head almost like he was trying to figure me out and continued. “Let me just explain how that all went for me.”

A brief back and forth discussion ensued and I felt like he was really listening to me and that we both understood where the breakdown had occurred. I could tell he had been rather stricken by the proclamation I had made about stepping back from our relationship to let him focus on Florida.

“I would never do that,” he said in disbelief that I might even consider bailing on him. I explained to him that him tagging her in his Facebook status after our communication struggles over the holidays just hit me weird. “I mean, I’ve known you for a year and never seen you do that. I sort of saw it as a progression of your relationship with her.”

“Oh, speaking of which,” I said suddenly, ready to switch gears, satisfied that we had sufficiently cleared the air. “Did you know that next week it will be a year since we met? I know this because it’s my brother’s birthday and it was also the night Ames offered me the job. And you were there when it all went down.”

He seemed to be remembering the night with a sweet fondness as I continued. “So anyway, we’ve known each other a year now, and I think we have developed a nice little friendship in that time.” He had started caressing my bare foot as I had been talking, and it felt good. I could tell he was really feelin’ me. : )

Taking the year thing seriously he said, “We should definitely do dinner that evening at the place we met.” He looked at me with genuine interest and said, “Do you know I trust you completely..?” It was a half question, half proclamation. He opened up his right hand and said, “I can count on one hand who those people are.” He proceeded to tick off his brother, both of his ex wives and his boss before adding me to the elite four. I was pleased to be in the ex-wives club for some reason.

I leaned up on his chest and kissed him and we made out for just a minute before I rose to use the restroom. “Would you like another drink?” I asked as I exited towards the kitchen. “Yeah, he said, rising with me. I’ll get it.” As we walked towards the kitchen I realized he had probably not eaten and it was around 7pm.

“You’re probably hungry.” I said as we stopped to make out a little in the kitchen. “And sadly I don’t really have any food to offer you,” I said dejectedly. “Maybe you could eat me.” I brightly laughed into his lips.

He didn’t break our kiss as he murmured easily. “I can do that.”

So here it was. The long-awaited moment of lovemaking was finally upon us. I excused myself into the restroom as he fixed himself another drink. We met back on the couch where he asked me if I had any dildos. He seemed quite disappointed when I reported none. : (

We kissed some more while I rubbed his hard cock beneath his jeans. Through the passionate kiss he told me to pull his zipper down. I happily obliged his instructions and briefly took his cock out to insert it in my mouth before I quickly came to my senses and said we should go to the bedroom. I wasn’t about to suck him so good that I missed out on that sexy hardness inside me!

The candles I had lit ahead of time provided the perfect glow as we slowly removed our clothing and caressed and kissed one another. He laid on the bed, on his back and I climbed on top of him. We kissed slowly a bit before he turned his attention to my ample breasts, sucking both nipples at once and licking them all over.  God, it felt so good and I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

“I want to feel you inside me,” I whispered into his ear.

There was no argument from him as he simply asked, “Do you have a condom?”

I reached over to the bedside table where I already had one waiting, and he asked me to put it on. I licked his balls as I slid it down his hard cock before climbing back up to kiss his chest and lips. I slid him inside of my aching wet pussy and our tongues danced together while I slowly worked him deeper and deeper inside my body. He was almost constantly moaning in ecstasy and at one point he asked me if it felt good. It certainly *did* feel good, and I whispered how much I loved his cock inside of me and cooed his name a couple of times before telling him I wanted him on top.

It was such a meaningful event for me, and the entire time I was thinking, I can’t believe we are finally having sex. I’m so happy. I’m quite sure there was a smile plastered all over my face that told the whole story.

But many of you know me well enough by now to know that one man really isn’t enough at this stage in my life. And before the smoke had even cleared from my bedroom I was back to flirting with my favorite new distraction, Luciano, who I promise to tell you guys all about as soon as possible. He’s certainly worth writing about, the lucky devil! Someday soon he might even be writing a piece for a guest appearance on the blog. Then you can see first-hand just what I like about him.



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