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Magnum xo

Yesterday was a great day. A day that might even be considered life changing, for yesterday I met Magnum.

Then again, I’ve already gone through a relationship with him in my head and subsequently reached out to Gray to say I wanted to get together with him in the next couple of days.

I’m getting ahead of myself here though, let me back up and tell you about Magnum.

I ran across Magnum a few weeks ago on Ok Cupid and liked his profile. He instantly messaged me and it wasn’t long after that he offered his number. A couple of days later I texted him and he was very courteous and chill, a true gentleman.

He made it quite clear he wanted to meet me ASAP, even though we are both fairly busy this time of year.

We set up a coffee date and I was surprised to find I was actually very excited to meet him. I told Jez that I was kinda looking forward to meeting a black guy since its been awhile since I have been with one.

Looks-wise I was attracted to Magnum’s photos, but not overly so I wouldn’t say. When he arrived at the coffeehouse however, my attraction skyrocketed to the moon and beyond.

He’s one of those guys who looks even better in person. An absolute hunk of a man, standing 6’3″ with medium brown skin, a very well-muscled body, deep brown eyes, a nice head of Bruno Mars hair and a sexy ass beard.

He was wearing a cream sweater with brown patches on the elbows and three buttons at the collar with a coral dress shirt layered underneath. A pair of warm gray jeans hugged his strong tree trunk legs, rolled just slightly above his rugged brown lace-up boots. He looked amazing!

I rose from my spot at the table to embrace him and he hugged me back with a very genuine kind of hug, Not one of those obligatory “hi, how you doin’ hugs,” but one that said “I’m happy to be here with you, and feel you’re worth every second of being fully present with you in this moment.”

I instantly really liked him, yet simultaneously felt quite nervous. He’s just so sexy and trendy that I felt he was out of my league or something. As Elle later put it, “Girl, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard you say! You ARE the league!!” Lol. It’s nice to have girlfriends who’ve always got my back.

The Magnum résumé is quite impressive and varied. He’s a definite renaissance man, without question. Here are the highlights I’ve gleaned so far.

  • 36 years old divorced father of three amazing and adorable sons
  • A former college football player now active in a statewide basketball league
  • Successful web designer
  • Singer in a hot, local band
  • Actor in an upcoming play
  • Fashion consultant
  • Personal trainer
  • And the most impressive by far, as he put it; “My job in life is to be the best father I can be to my three boys.”

We chatted for more than 2 hours with no lull in the conversation.

I learned that his father hadn’t been a part of his life, as sadly is so often the case in the black culture. He told me when he and his wife had their first son he was determined to not repeat the mistakes his father made so he went to therapy and read all the books he could get his hands on to ensure his success.

From where I’m sitting, he’s certainly in the running for world’s best father. And it’s sexy as hell.

As if that’s not enough, he told me he doesn’t want a reiteration of his failed marriage either, namely sacrificing his relationship for his job. He looked at me with his deep brown eyes and said sincerely, “I’ll never do that again. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to be a better man and whoever ends up with me will be a lucky woman.”

He didn’t say it in a cocky or boastful manner, just as a matter-of-fact truth that showed his utter confidence in what he brings to the table. I had no trouble believing him.

About an hour into our chat, a crowd came in and got quite loud so he suggested we move to a quieter location in the quaint little coffeehouse with plenty of rooms since it is in fact an old house.

We found two cozy chairs in a quiet corner and resumed our wonderful conversation. He was saying something completely riveting when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and pointed to the wall behind me, saying almost in disbelief, “That’s my favorite quote.” I turned in my chair and saw these words written on a mirror:

“We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

“I just can’t believe that quote is here,” He said incredulously. “It’s seriously my favorite quote.” I laughingly said “Maybe it’s a sign.” He smiled and almost unnerved me as he let his gaze linger on mine a little too long. I felt exposed by his intense stare, almost like he was trying to see my soul. I quickly broke the moment by looking down at my lap, suddenly nervous again.

I couldn’t tell how much he liked me, which was making me more self-conscious than normal.

At that point it seemed we had reached a mutual decision that it was about that time to head back to our separate abodes, even though we also both seemed somewhat hesitant to part ways. I let him be the one to initiate leaving, as he slowly said, “Well I suppose I better get back to my packing.” (He is in the process of moving to a larger house).

We stood straight up from our seats and hugged tightly. He hugged me for a very long time, and since I had learned during our conversation that he likes to be the last one to let go from a hug, I knew he’d hug me forever if I let him. Ha ha. So I broke the hug by kissing his cheek, er, well actually I think my lips landed somewhere on his neck since he’s so tall. I would have relished a kiss at that point but he seemed satisfied with the hug.

As we were getting into our respective cars he said he would text me later. I found myself hoping desperately that he would.

Sure enough, about three hours later he texted, telling me he enjoyed our date very much. I did too, and even went so far as to say it might have been the best date ever.

So why the hell did I text Gray and tell him I want to see him?



One thought on “Magnum xo

  1. Because you met someone real and it scared the crap out of you! But I think that fear is actually a really good sign… it means he’s got some real potential for you.

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