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Twofer Thursday

I’m hanging out at home tonight to rest up from my big day yesterday, which was a little wilder as far as my usual weekdays go.

Gray came over in the afternoon, a few hours before my date with Antonio. However, I didn’t tell Gray I had a date with Antonio, I just mentioned that I was going to a movie later and he didn’t ask questions.

Sadly, Gray only had about 30 minutes to spare, but said he really wanted to see me, even if it was short. Given his time constraints I decided that wasn’t enough time to get involved with the whole making out, getting naked and having oral sex thing, so I told him as much. He had no problems with my decision, and reiterated again that he was just happy to see me for a bit and catch up.

We sat side by side on my couch, him looking SO dashing in his tailored tan suit, pink shirt and shiny tie. I love it when he wears a suit because he just looks so business-like it makes me want to ruffle him up, ha ha.  We were talking rather casually, and I was rubbing his hand,  getting myself all turned on as I felt his rough skin against my soft touch.

Suddenly, with only about 10 minutes to spare before he had to leave, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and leaned over and kissed him passionately as I whispered hoarsely, “I want you.”

He reciprocated with equal passion as his tongue met mine and that was it.  I removed every stitch of clothing on my body in breakneck speed as he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and I sucked his hard cock with extra fervor while I rubbed his warm, hard muscled chest. God was it ever delicious! I think the fact that we had very little time probably made everything more frenzied and wild. He gets so hard for me and while I knelt before him on the floor, one leg on the couch beside him, he rubbed my pussy and fingered me so good that I wanted to jump on top of his rock hard rod and fuck him wildly. However, due to the fact that we have never had intercourse, my good sense reigned supreme and I remembered that I want our first time to commence when we have a little more time. Like perhaps all night! ; )

After Gray left I had a couple of hours to prepare myself for my movie date with Antonio. I mentioned in a previous post that Antonio and I have had several weeks of texting, but it never worked out with our schedules to meet. We have had some racy conversations culminating in phone sex a few weeks ago. It was very hot, in spite of me thinking it might be awkward since we hadn’t ever met! I felt oddly comfortable with him over the phone and he made me come twice with his dirty talk.

Antonio and I had agreed to meet for the 8 o’clock showing of Interstellar, which was ideal. I didn’t want him to try to pick me up or have dinner before, just meet and chill during a movie. Perfect.

I arrived about a minute before him, and he had insisted we meet outside, so I was sitting in my car listening to some tunes and checking my makeup while I waited. Momentarily my phone rang and Antonio’s sexy face was on the screen. I answered and he said he was driving around looking for me. I sprang from my car and he wheeled over to me in his sleek silver truck. I was impressed that he had a truck. Being a farm girl, there’s just something ’bout a truck… ha ha.

I jumped up in the passenger seat and everything was totally natural. I felt like I had already met him before and this was just another date. When we got inside he stepped up and asked for two tickets for Interstellar and asked me if I wanted candy or drinks. He got a large popcorn and a couple of drinks and was exclaiming about the size of both as he filled up his cup at the soda machine. I couldn’t resist and flirtatiously said, “Yeah, you’ve got some big ones there.” He chuckled and gave me a sly look saying, “You too,” with a sexy little wink.

When we got inside the theater, he sprang up the steps, taking them two at a time while I stepped a little lighter behind him in my little heels. He found us the perfect spot on the very top row and plopped down happily. I was amused and pleased by his confidence. No problem with this guy taking charge, I thought admirably.

We made it in time for the last preview, and he was happily chomping his popcorn, making completely sure it was nestled directly between us and motioning often for me to help myself. We had a bit of chit-chat while the last preview played, and I took note of his attire. Sexy dark rinse jeans hugged his well muscled thighs, while a dark gray zip-up pullover and light gray t-shirt underneath accentuated his broad shoulders, firm pecs and rippling abs. A pair of nice black loafers on his large feet completed the look. Antonio is a spicy Italian/Spanish/Lebanese blend with a Chippendale body, beautiful brown puddles for eyes, a perfect row of straight, white teeth, low-cut black hair and a sweet tight ass, and I swear to GOD he would look amazing in absolutely anything!

The movie started and lagged a bit at the beginning. (Fucking amazing movie though, and you should definitely go see it in the theater). I admit, I was having some trouble focusing on the movie with the specimen of a man seated beside me though!

It was around this point that Antonio lifted the arm rest between us and schooched close to me. He put his hand on my thigh, so I followed suit, leaning towards him to softly kiss his lips twice before resting back in my perch.

“Mmmm, he murmured seductively as our lips parted. You’ve been wanting to do that haven’t you?” I smiled and said nothing. “Sexy.” he whispered back to me before leaning back to resume stroking my leg. His hand explored my knee and thigh quite thoroughly, almost as though he was a doctor giving me a physical exam. Ha ha. I let my hand stay fairly still while he let his rove all over my leg until he looked at me with a seductive look and whispered, “I like.”

That was a green light for me and I unfastened my jeans, allowing him full access to my dripping wet pussy.

I let him finger me for a while as I stroked his massive cock bulging through his jeans. Pretty soon I whispered to him that I wanted him to take it out, so he obliged, keeping a close eye on the crowd to our right.

“Keep your legs right there,” he said as he slowly withdrew his beautiful hard on from his briefs so I could stroke it fully. We sat like that, side by side stroking one another while the movie seemed to be a distant muted background noise. Our eyes stayed locked on one another from time to time without talking and pretty soon I felt his wetness explode, without so much as a sound from him.

Thankfully he had collected extra napkins when we got our popcorn, because we certainly needed them. Haha. After we cleaned up our area discreetly we settled back into the movie and he effortlessly stretched his leg across my lap and pulled me close to him. I was taken aback by the ease with which he snuggled into me, but found myself feeling okay with his closeness. Weird. Usually I’m running for the hills by this time on a first date. ; )

After the movie he walked me to my car, gave me a hug and a kiss and said he wanted to get together again.

Who knows? He has as good of a chance as anyone at this point to penetrate my….


Lol. Yeah…

Stay tuned Lovies…



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