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A Blaze of Glory

Things are still going well with Gray. I haven’t seen him much lately, mainly because of my schedule, but I am hoping he will come over some evening this week so we can have some quality time. I’ve been contemplating having intercourse with him, and really crave it, but am still leery of “going all in” so to speak. I think that is in large part due to Florida living with him, although who knows what the status is there, I kind of think she’s sick of his lack of committment. Why? Imagine my surprise on Saturday morning when I awoke to see a notification that she was requesting me as a friend on Facebook?! I immediately messaged Gray to tell him and he was like, “Uggh..embarassing. She’s like that, look out, lol. Might not want to do that.”

I had no intention of adding her as a friend, but before I knew it, she had cancelled the request anyway. Crazy. Whatever. I can’t be bothered with their drama.  I’m just waiting for the seemingly inevitable to take place in their relationship so we can find out what will develop in ours.

In other suitor news, I have a couple of good stories that have been emerging for a verrry long time. In one case, nearly two years, and almost a year in the other.  These men each have two dramatically different situations, and I have never mentioned them on the blog. In this post, I will tell you about Blaze.

From the moment I read his dating profile and saw his sexy beard, I knew I would like him. So I sent him a message saying just that. His reply had me laughing my ass off when he said, “Really? Why??” I didn’t miss a beat and explained that since he was looking for a woman who could handle the unconventional lifestyle of him living in other countries for up to 6 months at a time, he sounded perfect for me.

Blaze is primarily a contract jet pilot currently flying the super rich and famous all over the world. Almost 50 and divorced two or three times, he fits my prototype for the ideal guy to date. Afraid of marriage and interested in living life to the fullest, he’s a kindred spirit. As I said, I knew this very early on, and within the first week of talking with him I became his friend on Facebook so we could get to know each other better. He was currently in Afghanistan working as a contract pilot for the army, so meeting was not an option for at least 6 months.

From the beginning of our Facebook connection, I could tell his humor and wit was off the charts hilarious from his posts. I think he is probably the funniest guy I’ve ever not met. Ha ha. Much to my enjoyment he was a very active poster and I gained great insight to him very quickly. He’s an open book type of sorts, and does so in such an appealing way that I really think it would be impossible not to enjoy him. In addition to being a pilot, Blaze owns a restaurant nestled along a popular wine trail in a cozy wooded location about four hours from where I live. So his home base is not very close to me. Good thing he’s a pilot! : )

Blaze has hired me to do some various marketing for him on and off, and last month he pretty much begged me to move into his house and run his restaurant for him. He was in Africa at the time.  It was a tempting offer, but since I have zero experience in the food industry, I sadly declined.

Our conversations have gone in spurts over the years, but we always pick right back up with no small talk, just straight to the good stuff. I’ve even shared a few naked pics with him. ; ) As I said, he’s a kindred spirit, and I value his friendship. He is one of very few men I have asked advice from over the years, simply because I think he has an amazing blend of sensibility and intelligence, balanced by the ever appealing risk taking/gut-instinct tendencies.

Two weeks ago he hired me again for a freelance job. And for the first time, he offered his number and said I could call him if it would be easier.

So I dialed him up. And when he answered, the first words out of his mouth were, “Well don’t you have a sweet voice!?” I instantly felt like I was home. His voice was also pleasant and I daresay it gave me a little thrill just to hear the inflections as he spoke.

We have been communicating fairly regularly for the past 2 weeks and I only like him more each day. He will be going back to Africa in February and a couple of days ago he asked me to go with him! “I see you with me in Africa. Your camera would be going non stop. It would be the adventure of a lifetime.” Ain’t that the truth now!? We discussed a few of the particulars and he seems hell-bent on making it a reality. If I had to say today if it will actually happen, I would say the chances are very high that it just might. ; )

Last night I had a dream about him, so the first thing I did when I woke up was to tell him. I will share our conversation because it was pretty hilarious.

Lola: I had a dream about you last night. I met you at your bar, in the summer, although it was located in a tropical region, lol. You were wearing flip-flops and you had a tattoo on your big toe. It was some sort of monogram, I don’t remember what it was but I thought it was strange. We were laughing our asses off over dinner and drinks at a small table and you leaned in to kiss me and I reciprocated. Then you wanted to kiss me some more, so you pulled me outside so that it would not be so public, however you pushed me right in front of a window where some people were dining.. Lol. You didn’t care, and we made out anyway. I enjoyed our first date, thank you. Haha

Blaze: How many men did you send this to? Lol. Thanks for the vision. I actually see you bent over the table with me behind you while the crowd cheers wildly.

Lola: Lol. I don’t see that happening, actually.

Our banter is quite fun and natural. There is a rare fluidity between us that flows steady and constant. I think Africa would be the perfect place to meet Blaze for the first time.

Wherever and whenever we meet, I know it’s bound to be hot!




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