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Gray Continues to Impress and Ridley Resurfaces

Swoon. I’m over the moon for Gray.

He has been so great, ever since the day we met. But he has now reached a level where he is impressing the hell out of me with his amazingness. Despite his emphatic statement that he’ll never want to get married again, he certainly doesn’t seem to be shying away from an emotional connection with me, and in fact, it almost appears that he is grooming us for a committed relationship. Maybe (and probably) this is happening unknowingly. Then again, maybe he knows exactly what he’s doing, who am I to say!?

As I wrote in a previous post, during one of our recent texting conversations, he flat-out shocked me with his rather dramatic and uncharacteristic pronouncement, “Friends and lovers, for life.” When I replied, “Hope so,” his response was simply, “It will happen.”  He seemed pretty determined, and ‘for life’ sounds pretty damn committed to me…

But there’s much more to it than that.

It’s in the way he talks to me, how interested he is in my work, in my family and dating life, and how he asks me what I usually buy when I go to the grocery store, or how much I cook at home versus going out. It may sound casual and maybe it is, but sometimes it almost seems like he is trying to figure out the extent of our long-term compatibility or something. Call me crazy, because I might be, but it just seems that he truly wants to know me. And even more importantly, he shares his thoughts, plans and dreams with me.  He is very forthcoming about himself, and has even shown a vulnerable side to me, in little ways. Like the other day when he told me he doesn’t like to drive with the top down on his convertible during the day because he doesn’t like people looking at him, but he likes it down at night so he can see the stars. And the other day when his car broke down who did he call? Yep. You got it. Moi.  I think I am his go-to girl, and the thought of that makes me sublimely happy.

On Sunday he asked if I wanted to take a two-hour drive with him  so he could take a look at a truck he wanted to buy. I jumped at the chance to spend at least 4 uninterrupted hours with him. Riding shotgun by his side made me happier than I’ve been in a long time. So happy in fact, that when he reached over and started caressing my breasts I decided a blow-job was in order. He is only one of three men who has received a blow-job from me while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Who were the other two? Yep, the two greatest loves of my life, Roberto and Tristan. That puts Gray in an even more elite club than he’s already in.

We chatted about dating/relationships/love as we drove. He said that he and Florida have not been having sex for several weeks, and he also told me that he is not dating anyone else. That was good information to get, although when he had me doing something on his phone for him, I did see a couple of messages from Florida come in. I didn’t read them, obvs, but part of me felt good that he chose to spend his Sunday with me even though she was around.

So things are on an even keel with Gray, and I’m glad.

But then just yesterday, Ridley resurfaced. We dated about a year ago, and I liked him pretty much. Enough to have multiple dates anyway, which is actually saying quite a lot, given my track record with men. He’s ooh la la handsome with dark hair, huge chocolate-brown pools of pudding eyes and a knockout smile with two perfect rows of white, straight teeth. His body is very nice, and he dresses very well. Another cool thing about him is that he’s a train conductor.  The night I met him I wanted to pounce on him, I was so fucking attracted to him. I remember it well, just like it was yesterday, in fact. He was certainly a contender.  I think at the time I was also seeing Max, whom I had deemed the next “one” so Ridley’s chances were significantly diminished by the stiff competition. The last time I saw him, we made out in his SUV on a cold wintry night after a nice dinner, and I wasn’t really feeling all that turned on. I went out with Max two days later and felt all kinds of passion during that kiss. So I just let things naturally drop with Ridley and it wasn’t too long after that, he got himself a girlfriend.

However, I am keenly aware that timing is ever sooooo important, and after nearly a year since I have seen Ridley, I find myself intrigued anew. We caught up via text last night and traded a few sexy pictures. That’s when things started heating up a bit between us and I found out that Ridley is a bit of a Dom. When the words, “It’s sir from now on, got it?” appeared on my screen I was definitely a little turned on, since I’ve never been with a real Dom. I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like though, so I guess this is my big chance.

Ridley is certainly ready to teach me a few things, and his parting words to me last night were “I’ll let you know when we can have all night together ASAP.” But I know me… and “All night together” sounds absolutely dreadful with anyone other than Gray.




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