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Friends and Lovers, for Life

Gray was here earlier for one of our famous ‘nooners.’ We are getting closer by the day. In fact, the other night he caught me totally by surprise with the following text conversation.

It all seemed very casual at first. I had texted him and asked if he was still out with his buddies.

Gray: Just got home.  Smoked. What are you doing?
Lola: Wishing you were here.
Gray: Did you go out?
Lola: Yes,  for a couple.
Gray: Where?  With who?
Lola: (location),  cousin.
Gray: K.You doin ok? Miss u.
Lola: Yes,  I’m ok. Miss you too. Kisses.

I thought that would be the end of a relatively simple exchange and didn’t expect anything more. So when the following words appeared on my screen, I was never more shocked.

Gray: Friends and lovers,  for life.
Lola: Hope so.
Gray: Will happen.  Night.
Lola: Night. ❤

“Friends and lovers, for life.”

Whoa. Life. That took more than a minute to sink in. I couldn’t stop the tears of happiness from streaming down my cheeks as I stared at his sweet words, still somewhat shocked by this dramatic pronouncement. In my experience with Gray, it is very unlike him to make grand gestures of any kind, so I had no trouble trusting that his words were honest and came from a place buried deep inside of his heart. The fact that I knew he was also drunk only further enforced that thought, since I’m a firm believer that “A drunk man never told no tale.”

In the days that have followed, it does seem that we have reached a new level within our relationship. We are definitely closer, and never more honest with each other than we are now.

Today as we laid in bed talking after our orgasms (still no intercourse), he asked about my dating life, which has become par for the course each time we’re together. So I tentatively broached the biggest obstacle I thought we had, which is Roberto, who I have been thinking of reincorporating into the mix for satisfying and safe sex.

“Well, Roberto called the other night, and asked if he could come see me next week. So I’m kicking that around, I’m not really sure what to do there…” I trailed off, turning my head away from his gaze, feeling awkward suddenly.

“Well of course you should.” Gray said rather quickly, not missing a beat.

Thrown momentarily by the fact that he was pushing me so speedily into the arms of another man, I said, “You think so? I don’t know. Things were getting kind of unhealthy between us because I am such a lover. I get pretty wrapped up with him emotionally, and he lives over 800 miles away and is still living with his wife. So I can never really call him, and I start feeling like his mistress, which usually ends up making me crazy. Plus I start to miss him and want to be around him more. It would be different if he lived an hour away and I could see him more often.”

“Hm.” Gray said thoughtfully as his gaze remained fixed on me, but he said nothing more.

I chattered on about it a bit more, saying “I did tell him I’m dating you, so there is full disclosure there.” Gray seemed pleased and said, “That’s probably one of the reasons he wants to come.”

“No.” I said firmly. “Roberto is used to me dating other people. We’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now, and while I know he gets jealous, he also knows that he has no right to say anything, so he doesn’t. He takes what I offer and seems to make it work somehow.”

Gray almost seemed a little impressed, yet I could see the wheels turning inside his head. Satisfied that I had gotten the elephant in the room off my chest, I changed the subject.

He took my hand in his, pulling my naked body close as he shared his life with me; for another blissful 45 minutes.





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