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Gray and Lola Go Deeper

Hello lovies,

In a recent post I told you about Graham, who I met in St. Louis for the first time, after a month of talking and felt next to nil in the chemistry department. He is great. Like awesome great, in fact. Dontcha just hate that? When you can’t conjure up any spark for a perfectly awesome person? It’s really a mystery to me, chemistry, that is.

Who knows why, but for whatever reasons, he just didn’t do it for me. Sadly, the great guys I feel absolutely nothing for are piling up… Anderson, Dustin, Graham

And yes, it’s quite possible that it’s got nothing to do with chemistry, or them, but where I am in life. In fact, I would say it’s probable. Relationships freak me out, as anyone who follows this blog full well knows. So the man who is gung-ho about launching into a full-fledged relationship with me does not interest me whatsoever. I am drawn to the elusive ones, the ones who already have someone/something else in their life to pick up the slack that I know a woman like me creates.

No, I don’t like emotionally unavailable men, I like emotionally available, *physically unavailable* ones. Not physically unavailable in the sexual realm, but in the broader sense of not being physically present all that much. I like having the bond without the work of a relationship.

Yeesh. What a clusterfuck.

Anyway, Gray is the latter. He’s opened up to me quite a bit, yet he has a live-in girlfriend which he claims he doesn’t love. As Jez pointed out, maybe this makes him the perfect guy for me to date.  This is actually how my relationship with Tristan started,  then love got in the way and screwed everything up. So as long as Gray and I can keep our feelings in check, we should be fine.

Anyway, on to  the good stuff already!! (**Warning: adult content will follow**)

Gray and I have been doing this dance around our sexual attraction for some time now. Eight months, to be exact. Two blow-jobs after a six month period, and then a two month hiatus where I evaded him because I was trying to fight my relationship demons, hunkered in the dating trenches. After I met Graham, I realized (yet again) that it’s futile to be dating when I am not up for a real relationship.

And that my friends, was the epiphany moment that I decided I was ready to get naked with Gray.

Lola: What’s a free night for you this week?
Gray: Thursday should be good, for what?
Lola: Some fun. My place.
Gray: 7? What can I bring?
Lola: You’re verrrry sexy self.

I cleaned my house, lit the candles, poured a glass of wine and put on something sexy. I was absolutely ready for this to happen, but as I told one of my best guy friends, Sloane, I was not thinking intercourse was on the menu for our first roll in the hay. There’s no need to rush it with Gray, and I really want to savor every step we take together. I’m very lucky to have full confidence that Gray is the type of guy who will go with whatever I want, even if he wants more. He’s just very respectful of me.

He arrived looking quite sexy in his white polo and khaki shorts. His naturally sun-kissed skin and silver hair set off his strong jaw line and beautiful gray eyes all the more. We hugged and kissed when I met him on the doorstep, and as he walked inside my house, I kept stopping him to give him more kisses. He seemed pleased, but also somewhat mystified at the newly amorous Lola he had, quite literally, on his hands.

I played bartender for a moment and poured him a stiff drink before we settled in on my large sectional. Casino Royale was on the tv, and I had my laptop open. He wanted to show me one of his recent projects, so we sat closely together while he found what he was looking for on the web and proudly showed it off. I was touched by the fact that he so willingly invites me into his world, and that we truly are great friends.

We chatted comfortably for about 30 minutes while I curled up next to him and played with his hair. The passionate kissing began naturally, maybe because I had quite sporadically been peppering him with kisses from the moment he arrived.

God, the kissing got so good it was positively sinful. His rugged scruffy face was absolutely edible as I lightly touched it while we made out. I used my fingers on his lips as he ran his hands through my mane of hair. When he unzipped his shorts and put his hand under my shirt to feel my erect nipple, I asked him if he wanted to go into the bedroom.

We made our way to my bed, kissing as we went, clothes coming off in the process. When his sculpted bare chest with the perfect amount of hair finally rubbed against my naked skin, I felt shivers run up and down my spine. It was delicious. Almost immediately he went down on me and began to pleasure me with his mouth. His technique is good, but I think he was unsure of what I like, and he seemed to pause often, not quite knowing if it was working. I pulled him up so he was on top of me, feeling his large cock ready for insertion. He looked into my eyes and asked softly, “Should we?” I paused for a minute, desiring to feel him inside me, but also realizing I wasn’t ready. I didn’t answer, but took his cock in my hand and rubbed it back and forth on my pussy for a few minutes until I decided I wanted to suck him.

Over the past several months we have discussed the fact that he is intrigued by the prostate stimulation technique, but has never felt comfortable asking anyone to do it. Yet for whatever reason he had felt comfortable telling me about this desire. So knowing that, and wanting to please him, I had done some preliminary research on how to successfully perform this trick. I was armed and ready with my findings. While he relaxed on his back, I sucked him, and transferred my knowledge to action. He reacted favorably, and his cock grew. I was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed it as well, and as his excitement mounted, the more into it I got.

As he came, he quite literally shouted my name from the rooftops. And there was so much cum that I couldn’t even begin to swallow it all. That’s a first.

As we laid there in the aftermath he said, “After your last blow-job I swore that was the best one I ever had, but this *definitely* was the best. No question.” I was pleased with my prowess as I lay there preening, running my fingers through the hair on his strong chest.

He raised up on one elbow and said, “Now how am I going to get you to orgasm?”

I chuckled lightly and said, “It’ll happen. Just give it time. Your technique is good, I just need to get more comfortable with you. This was after all, the first time we’ve ever been naked with each other.”

“True.”  he said, appearing somewhat thoughtful as he mulled that over. “Tell me what you like, and I’ll do it,”  he whispered into my ear.

“I like you,” I smiled back. “And everything you do.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming, Casino Royale.






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