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Lola and Gray Inch Into FWB Status

Last weekend Gray and I formulated a plan to commence with our FWB relationship starting Monday night. He was going to bring “dinner” over to my place around 8pm. However, when I awoke on Monday I started to feel like the whole thing was too rigid, and somehow prohibitive to have something as spontaneous as friends-with-benefits-sex planned, so I didn’t text him all day. I honestly felt like it was too much pressure for something so light. But after I got back from the gym around 7, I figured the polite thing to do would be to at least see what he was up to, since we had scheduled something.

After receiving my text he called to feel me out, asking if I wanted him to come over…or what I was thinking?I cautiously replied, “I don’t know. I don’t really like to make too many plans, I prefer being spontaneous.” Unfazed, he shot back, “You mean spontaneity now for later?”

“Yes.” I said, thrilled that he understood me correctly. “That’s exactly what I mean.” He didn’t even miss a beat and continued, “Well, I could use a ride to the Porsche dealership to drop off my car. We could meet for a bite to eat and you could follow me to the dealership and then drive me home. Is that cool?”

I immediately agreed and said happily, “Yes. That works.” I felt very good about this new “plan” thinking it would be a very low-pressure situation with a lot of room for choices and flexibility.

“Okay,” he chuckled softly as he lightly teased, “Just making sure. I wouldn’t want to mess with your spontaneity.”

I laughed out loud and told him he was adorable. We agreed on a place to meet and hung up the phone.

When I arrived at the sports bar, he was looking all sorts of delicious per usual, casually leaning back in a booth and patiently awaiting my arrival. I settled in across from him and squeezed his arm. He grinned boyishly, melting my heart with his smile as I took my seat across from him.

He actually began the conversation by saying things weren’t going so hot with “Florida,” who is very jealous of his friendships with other women and as a result of this envy has decided to start tagging photos of the two of them together on Facebook in order to begin “staking her claim” on him. He was rather pushed over the edge by the whole thing and said he doesn’t know what he is going to do. He went on to say that somehow he has found himself in a full-fledged relationship without wanting one. I sympathized. I listened and tried to be both supportive, yet objective. I’m quite sure I failed at the latter and wildly succeeded in the former.  I didn’t really care what we were talking about. I just love to hear him speak. That gravelly, ‘sexy as hell voice’ of his almost gives me goosebumps every time.  We hung out for about an hour and as always, the discussion was lively and flirtatious yet laced with undertones of depth. I’m so curious about what makes this guy tick.

After he paid our bill we walked to our respective cars in the parking lot, and on a whim I turned around and kissed him. We made out briefly before getting into our separate cars so I could follow him to the  dealership.

As I trailed behind him my mind whirled with thoughts of how much I like him; how cool he is, how handsome, how masculine, how much of a gentleman…and on and on. By the time we arrived at the closed car dealership about 10 minutes later, I was pretty hot to trot for him.  He parked right outside the locked front door in a well-lit parking space and got into my car.

He settled into the passenger seat, pointing out a couple of cars that he liked as I started to completely tune out, realizing I was about to take action. I didn’t say anything, I just flashed him a devilish grin as I unbuckled my seat-belt and grabbed his face and started kissing him passionately. He reciprocated with equal fervor, and it wasn’t long before I had his cock out, and his hand was between my legs.

He stopped for a second and said suddenly, “Maybe we should pull around behind the building, since they may have video cameras here.” We both thought about it for a second before he quickly concluded, “Never mind. This is fine.” I was in no mood to argue, so we happily resumed where we left off. I think I’m going to have to work on finding ways to slow down the blow-job process so it lasts longer. Within 5 minutes he had orgasmed in my mouth.

We zipped up and decided to get out of the spotlight and take our intimacy back to his house. “We can have a drink when we get back to my place.” he said solidly, as we drove away.  Once we got to his house he showed me some of the important things to him, then poured us both a drink and led me to the couch. A good movie was on, and we exchanged a few comments about it as we sat side by side. We were close, but not close enough that it would be misconstrued as something “lovey dovey.” After all, this IS a friends with benefits arrangement. He did reach his arm behind me to rest just a finger at the nape of my neck. It was only barely touching my skin, but yet I knew it was there. It seemed to be his way of keeping us connected physically, or maybe his way of saying, ‘you are more to me than just a way to get my rocks off.’  I felt cared for and completely content by his side.

In that instant my phone rang, and as I leaned forward to pick it up off the coffee table in front of me, we both looked down to see Roberto’s handsome face filling up the screen. “Time for me to go,” I whispered quietly to Gray before I silenced the phone briefly. He nodded knowingly, slipped into his flip-flops and walked me to my car like the true gentleman he is.

He texted me to make sure I was home safely and thanked me for the spontaneous blow-job, and told me that he loved it.  I was pleased. Pleased that I had satisfied a man I really like and satisfied at his genuine appreciation for who I am as a woman.

Today at work my mind kept drifting back to that sexy moment in my car. I wondered if Gray was thinking about it too. I didn’t have to wonder long, because around 10am I got a text from him saying he was pulling into the Porsche dealership and was grinning his head off. I laughed out loud in my office and replied.

Lola: Maybe you should see if they have a copy of the video surveillance.

Gray: I really should.

Lola: Man gets into car and is immediately attacked by the female driver.

Gray: A beautiful female driver who knows how to give a good blow-job.

Lola: Awwwwww. That is sweet. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Yes, I do think this little arrangement just might work out for us.  And guess what lovies? I’ve got a date with Anderson on Thursday night.  I may finally be getting the knack of how to do this single, attractive woman thing up right.

Maybe the key is to have at least *ONE* friends with benefits?



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