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Sparks Fly on the Fourth of July

I met Anderson yesterday. We’ve been texting on and off for about 2 years, but never met until yesterday.

A former pro baseball player, now in the finance world, Anderson is yet another one of those guys who never lost my number even though we lost touch, and one day a couple of weeks ago, he texted me out of the clear blue sky.

I always wanted to meet him, but for whatever reason it never worked out. I think it’s probably due to the fact that I was living a couple of hours away at the time we were talking.

I was happy to hear from him, and pleased to report that I now live in his city. He was rather surprised at this development and told me as much. He immediately offered to take me out to dinner as soon as I was available.

I was invited to a pool party for the Fourth of  July, and I invited Anderson to join me. Our original plan was to meet at a bar, have a drink or two and then head to the party just as the DJ began.  But we got a late start, so we skipped the initial “get to know you chit-chat over drinks,” gave each other a brief hug in the parking lot, hopped into his Jeep Wrangler and off we went, the wind blowing my long hair all over the place.

As we drove off he said he needed to make a stop at his best friend’s house to drop some things off for him. He added with a grin, “I’m sure he will want to meet you.”  I was amused, and felt almost like royalty, being paraded around. We stopped at Big Will’s (a smokin’ hot former male stripper) for a few minutes, traded pleasantries, and were on our way again.

As soon as we arrived at the party, I saw Gray’s Mercedes among the slew of cars and my heart skipped a beat.  I was excited and anxious at the same time, knowing I’d be torn between wanting to spend time with him and giving my attention to my own very handsome date. I scanned the crowd as we entered but didn’t see Gray, and didn’t want to gawk, so Anderson and I found two chairs by the pool, and settled in with our cooler of drinks.

The date was officially underway, and I was pleased with my companion. I glanced over at Anderson’s never-ending long, strong legs, clad in a pair of plaid shorts and took note of his very large feet encased in a pair of trendy boat shoes and couldn’t help but wonder about the size of his dick. I mean, anytime I see a guy with huge feet I do have to wonder… I really do. So sue me! : )

We got on famously, and I felt like I had known him for years. He’s very open-minded and intelligent, not to mention extremely outgoing and funny. We had all sorts of discussions that you would never dream you’d be having on a first date, but it only seemed to fuel our connection further.

Then I saw Gray, and my heart melted all over again at the sight of that ruggedly handsome silver fox with the sexy scruffy face. I could hardly focus on what Anderson was saying, as I was trying to make eye contact with Gray. I quickly gave up since Gray was seemingly engrossed in conversation.  I didn’t have to wait long though, before Gray strolled over to my chair, leaned down to put his hand on my leg and gave it a quick squeeze before he confidently stuck out his hand and introduced himself to Anderson. I squirmed a bit in my chair, not fully comfortable with what was going on before my eyes.  Not more than 30 seconds went by before a blonde bombshell in a teeny bikini emerged at Gray’s side and stood over our chairs expectantly.

That was the moment I met “Florida,” Gray’s long-term “girlfriend.” Wow. This is *quite* awkward, I thought uncomfortably, as I took her extended hand in mine for a brief handshake. She stood there for a few more seconds then left. I guess all she wanted was the introduction. Gray, on the other hand, seemed to be settling in for the duration and was somewhat peppering Anderson with questions. I squirmed even more in my seat, feeling like there was something more than random conversation going on in front of me.

About 15 minutes later someone came by and engaged Gray in conversation, but before he turned his attention away from us, he asked me if I was going to watch the fireworks at a mutual friend’s house later. I told him we were thinking about it, and Gray nodded and half-turned, casually throwing over his shoulder, “If you go, text me.” And with that, he was gone.

Anderson looked at me and said, “That was odd. Do you even have his number?”

Not wanting to make a big deal of it, I just said “Yes,” and let it drop.

“Oh,” he said somewhat curiously as I deftly steered the conversation to another topic.

It turned out that wasn’t the last shade of Gray in Anderson’s mind. And as we were driving to the fireworks later, Anderson teasingly asked if I wanted to learn to drive a stick-shift and take the wheel of his Jeep Wrangler. I laughingly declined. He smiled and feebly attempted to further joke that if I was driving we might end up at Gray’s house. I’m guessing from that little jibe that there’s definitely some jealousy there.

After the fireworks, Anderson whisked me off to a delightful hidden gem of a bar that sits right on the water for a late-night dinner and some beautiful water views. We chattered on like old friends until midnight and our night ended with a quick peck on the cheek, a brief hug, and an ‘I’ll text you later.’ He texted me almost immediately after he got home to tell me he had a blast and would love to see me again. I think I’d like that. I feel good about him today. I do question if there is enough chemistry between us for a relationship to progress, but for now I am content to let it play out.  He is very fun and excellent company.

I’m interested to see what Gray’s response to this will be. Since “Florida’s” in town, he is currently “otherwise engaged,” but I imagine I’ll be hearing something from him soon….





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