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Closing the Book on Tristan and Lola

After a year and a half, I am writing the final chapter on Tristan. Yes, I know it probably should have been written years ago, and most of you think he’s not even worth the words I type.  But we all walk our own path and come to our individual conclusions when we are ready to face … Continue reading

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Lola and Gray Inch Into FWB Status

Last weekend Gray and I formulated a plan to commence with our FWB relationship starting Monday night. He was going to bring “dinner” over to my place around 8pm. However, when I awoke on Monday I started to feel like the whole thing was too rigid, and somehow prohibitive to have something as spontaneous as friends-with-benefits-sex planned, so … Continue reading

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Liberating Lola

Yesterday I had lunch with Gray and drinks with Anderson. Both ended with a passionate kiss, and both yielded stronger feelings for each man.  I’ve come to the conclusion that Gray should become my “friends with benefits” while I continue to date Anderson. SIDENOTE: I will also be seeing Roberto in a couple of weeks for a mini vacation. … Continue reading

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