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Lola and the Jackson Surprise

Well Lovies,  I have officially given up on JC. He’s way too complex and slow for me to be bothered anymore. Last night I pretty much “had it out” with him via texting and I decided he’s not worth the headaches he has already given me. Especially since we’ve only kissed one fucking time in a year. I’ve been holding out for him for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that he’s had a vasectomy. That’s catnip for me. Ha ha.

I very nearly unfriended his ass on Facebook just so I can completely erase him from my life, but I refrained. Anyway, moving on…

I’ve been talking with a few dudes from the online dating site I’m on, and one in particular caught me by surprise a couple of weeks ago. He kind of has me fascinated, I would say.

Meet Jackson. The quintessential hunk; tall, dark and handsome (like gorgeous handsome). He is an extremely successful charming businessman who can blend into either a city or country environment, which as you may or may not know by now is totally one of my types.  (The other being the strong silent type with a deep soul).

And he’s 33. Five years my junior.

I typically go for the older men. Between 12-28 years older has been my modus operandi all of my adult life. But Jackson appears to have what he refers to as an “old soul,” and what I refer to as the body of a greek God. ; )

Despite Jackson inviting me to meet him last weekend, (he lives an hour away), we’ve not yet met. We have, however, spoken on the phone a couple of times, and last night we even had phone sex! :0

That was an interesting leap for me, as usually I only do such naughty things with someone I’m in love with or at least very comfortable with. But Jackson definitely managed to turn me on – and then some!  And I suppose he benefitted from my rage against JC and the fact that I was totally fed up with him and ready to move on to the next guy in line.

Since our shared orgasm, Jackson has  penciled me in on his calendar for the weekend after this one, and I’m still trying not to be pinned down. After all, that’s like a whole 2 weeks from now. A lot can happen in that time period. ; )

Fucking a young buck like Jackson would be a nice feather in my cap, and one I never thought I’d be interested in.  Hell, maybe he’s just what the Dr. ordered…and maybe a person’s tastes really can change.

Wouldn’t that be something!?




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