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Lola and Hamilton

The past few months have been kind of strange for me with regard to dating. I was seeing  Big for a few weeks, but any spark we had fizzled out at least 3 weeks ago. I just don’t see him being the one for me. Plus, I have been basically pining over JC, and things have been as slow as ever between the two of us. I finished a business project for him last week and he’s been telling me how wonderful I am, how beautiful, etc. but yet not much has been done to move our relationship forward. (I’ve known him a year and we’ve had 3 dates and 4 cancelled dates. I cancelled three times, he cancelled once).  Suffice it to say that we have had quite a time getting our collective act together.

So I’ve kept my online dating profile up basically out of boredom. Every once in a while I will get a message from someone who intrigues me and we’ll chat back and forth, but for the most part I haven’t been able to be bothered with checking it. In fact, as we speak there are 26 unread messages from men on there. Like I said, I can’t be bothered. ; )

But Hamilton is one of those guys I have had my eye on for about a year now, and I finally sent  him a note.  We traded several messages, and he proved to be very intelligent, well-traveled, successful and funny.  He moved things along; not too fast, not too slow, but at just the right pace. We had agreed our first meeting would be coffee tomorrow, but around 5pm last night he asked if I was spontaneous and would like to have a drink with him.

Sure. Why not?! A Friday night out on the town as opposed to setting up my DVR and making taco pie sounded great! We met up at a British pub where he was waiting at a table outside with a wine list all ready for me. We hit it off right away. The conversation flowed naturally and we both laughed often. He was easy on the eyes, I thought, as I took in his appearance, deciding he was just as handsome in person as in his pictures.

We talked and laughed for more than 3 hours, and every hour he pulled his chair closer to mine until our legs were finally touching. It seemed natural to lean in and kiss him at one point, and that’s when things really started heating up.  We decided to order food around 11pm, switched to water, paid our bill and he walked me to my car. He went around to the passenger side, got in with me and we instantly began making out. It got pretty hot and heavy, but I wasn’t about to mess things up by having sex on the first date, so after a while I turned off the windshield wipers that had been inadvertently switched on during our wild make-out session, unearthed my bra from the backseat and told Hamilton sex would have to wait. He was totally chill, no pressure to go further even though his cock was still as hard as an iron rod and I had been sucking him like a lollipop.

I like Hamilton.  A lot. In fact, I like him better than I’ve liked pretty much anyone else after a first date. He’s got all the qualities I look for in a man, and it is obvious we have a physical attraction towards one another.

But something keeps pulling me towards JC…..and I just can’t seem to shake it. There’s a voice inside my head/heart/stomach that keeps whispering “JC is the one,” and that voice will likely prevent from going forward with anyone else.

Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun in the meantime. It’s either that or intimate nights with my DVR and taco pie. ; )



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