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Time Will Tell…

My Grandma used to use the phrase ‘time will tell’ when she didn’t have an answer for the future. As an impatient girl, I found the notion of waiting for time to give me the answers I wanted NOW absolutely insufferable. But as I have aged I’ve become way more mellow and learned that for better or worse…time sometimes IS the best way to figure things out. Especially relationships!

I’ve had a pretty interesting week with regard to men.

Saturday I had dinner/drinks with JC and had a great time. He walked me to my car, kissed me twice, complete with a lingering hug on the second, said he’d like to keep in touch and thanked me for asking him out. I told him I am happy he is still available and kissed him back. This week I’ve been playing it cool, despite wanting to invite him over for the weekend to test out my new bed, and he’s playing it cool too.  Time will tell if JC and I will ever get properly synced up.

Last night Gray invited me to dinner, and we ended up making out a little in the parking lot before going our separate ways. Given the tone of our 2 hour conversation prior to that, I think it’s safe to say that he’s pretty into me. However, I’m still rather leery with his current situation and let him know that I don’t see it going much further at this point because I really don’t want to complicate my life again when I’ve just managed to uncomplicate it somewhat. (MIRACLE!) He nodded understandingly, and reassured me that he would still enjoy hanging out and chatting with me as friends. But my curiosity got the better of me and I just couldn’t resist kissing him when we left. We are just drawn to one another with an undeniable chemistry. And oh good Lord when his scruffy face rubbed against my soft lips it incited pure ecstasy. We shared a passionate kiss, his hands tied up in my long wavy hair. I nearly lost myself for a few moments, but somehow managed to tear myself away from his sturdy chest, not wanting to let things get out of hand.

He murmured softly as I pulled away that I had gotten him very hard.

“Sorry.” I chuckled fairly unapologetically over my shoulder as I started to get in my car to leave.

He put his hand on the door as I got in and said, “Someday I would love to be naked with you…but if we ever get to that point I think we should make a pledge to not have sex. I just want to feel you, kiss you, and enjoy your body.” He paused for a moment, as though suddenly rethinking his decision. “Although, he added with a sparkling gleam in his silver eyes, I probably would want to go down on you…so I’m not 100% sure we can actually not have sex.”

Wow. I’ve got to tell you guys, a pact to not have sex but be naked with a sexy and cool guy is a pretty big turn on at this point. Almost like it’s a game. But I just threw my head back and laughed and said wisely, “Time will tell….” 

And then today a strapping (6’6″!!!) hottie strolled into my office who I instantly recognized as a guy I had a few conversations with via my online dating site about a year ago. At the time of that communication I was living 2 hours away, but ironically I now live in his city. ; ) When he walked in, there was a moment where we both did a double-take, like: “Oh my God, I know you!” He looked at me appreciatively and I instantly became flustered and had trouble focusing as I tried to get him the items needed for his project while he sat next to me.

He’s a mover and a shaker businessman type, with a good eye for aesthetics and design. His hair is dark, almost black, and set off by his dark eyebrows and soothing sea-blue eyes. He has kind eyes and an easy smile. He looked just like his pictures online. He was dressed very nice with a trendy pair of navy slacks, nice italian loafers and a textured blue button down dress shirt. After things were on an even keel business-wise, I did mention that I remembered our limited interactions online. He smiled and said he remembered me as well.

I was intrigued by him, so I took advantage of the opportunity and texted him with some of the business related notes. We texted back and forth regarding the project, and that was that. I am interested to see if he will follow-up personally now that he has my number. He was very friendly and appreciative of all my help. I think he seems pretty chill and sweet. He’s a dad to 3 college age daughters, so I’m sure that has only helped him in dealing with women! I think I would enjoy a date with him.  But as y’all know by now…

Time will tell.



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