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Timing: It’s 99.9% of the Whole Shebang

I love random epiphanies. And around 3 am this morning, I had one that caught me totally by surprise. In fact, I’m still not sure how it happened.

Nearly a year ago I met JC through the crazy world of online dating. We had two dates with a third *scheduled* twice. From the night we met, he impressed me. Namely his intelligence, wit and conversation skills were the top traits I admired as we chatted comfortably over drinks. I thought he was absolutely hilarious, and a heck of a story-teller.  By the time we had our second date, I was still interested and even looking forward to date #3.

The following excerpt is from a post I wrote after our second date.

“After date #2 with JC this weekend, I’m really liking him, and have to tell y’all..He’s a real contender. Guys like him certainly don’t come along every day, and I’m feeling like I may have just stumbled upon a gold mine.  JC possesses the extremely rare and ever-so-tantalizing mix of country boy and city slicker.”    …read more

Two days before date #3, JC messaged me to say he was going to cancel because he had randomly met someone and hit it off with her. I graciously let him off the hook, wishing him well. He came back a few weeks later, when I was kinda/sorta dating Max and asked me out again. Since Max and I weren’t exclusive, I decided to give JC another chance.

The morning of our scheduled date we had a communication failure (read about it here) and I subsequently cancelled on him, at this point ready to bail for good.  That’s two chances he’s blown, I thought, disappointed. I had no trouble walking away from him, but he kept at me, using a business opportunity to stay in touch.

Fast forward to now, nearly three months after that debacle. Now that you’re all caught up, I will tell you what happened at 3 am this morning that has totally reorganized my thinking.

JC and I are friends on Facebook, and he’s been engaging with some of my posts over the past few months. I’ve learned quite a bit about him as a result. This morning when I couldn’t sleep, I was scrolling down the news feed and saw one of his posts which started me thinking about him. I thought about him for a long time, tossing our interactions around in my brain, remembering how attracted I had been to him, how amused he was by me, how smart he is etc. I started thinking, man, I really like a lot of things about this guy, and since I now live an hour away from him, he’s probably pretty safe to try to date. My mind continued its’ whirlwind process. He’s had a vasectomy, no young kids, I have a mental connection with him, he is an alpha male, he cooks…hell, he’s the perfect guy for me to be dating!!

It was now around 4:30 am, and my heart was racing. What don’t I like about him? I pondered thoughtfully. Are they really deal-breakers for not trying to see what we might develop here?  And with that I started my pros and cons list. The pros kept coming, so I finally just stopped typing, realizing the pros far outweighed the cons, which meant it was moot.

Here was my list:

Sex appeal
Emotionally/mentally strong
Take charge personality
Hard worker
His eyes crinkle up adorably when he smiles
Open minded
Amused by me
Health conscious

Crude humor at times

Nothing on the cons list is too big to be conquered at this early juncture, I decided. This guy really does have all the qualities I would look for in a man. I looked at my clock. 5:15am. Is it too early to text him? Probably, I determined realistically, and tried to go back to sleep. But by 5:45 I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and I had to reach out to him.

5:46AM Lola: I still have your number, do you still have my number? ; )

5:46AM JC: Yes, how are you?

5:49AM Lola: I’m good. Are you around at all this weekend? I will be in town Saturday and Sunday. Wondered if you wanted to do lunch, dinner, drinks or something?

5:49Am JC: Missing me aren’t you? ; )

5:50AM Lola: Yea. I’ve had an epiphany.

5:50Am JC: What epiphany is that?

5:51Am Lola: I like a lot of things about you.

5:51AM JC: I will be around. Early evening Saturday? Around 5?

5:52AM Lola: Perfect.

And that, folks, is how you get a 3rd date set up in mere minutes. Early bird catches the worm, and all that…

I sure as hell hope I get the worm, I haven’t had sex since October!! I’m very happy that I’m being so selective about who I want that lucky recipient to be though, and I’m even happier to find that I really do want to get to know JC better. What makes this guy tick? I want to uncover some of his layers. Equally important, is the realization that I want him to know me too! I have deemed him worthy enough to let him into my heart just a little more!

Sounds good right?? Maybe JC and I will finally get our timing right this time!



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