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Lola and Gray – When Can I Start Chapter 2?

Will there be more than one chapter for Lola and Gray? I don’t know yet, but I must say it’s looking good so far!

In my last post, New Year, New City, NEW MEN!! I wrote about my hottest new love interest, Gray, who was introduced to me by my new business partner a few weeks ago.

Since then, Gray has been pretty much awesome. Let me tell you why.

In the preliminary dating stages, my favorite type of men are the ones who walk the line between chill and gaga. In other words, I want to know a guy is into me, but I don’t want to feel smothered. This has been my type since the beginning of time, and believe me when I tell you that it doesn’t take much to make me feel smothered at the beginning of a relationship. Once I’m fully invested in the union this no longer applies, and the more gaga the better in that case!

Gray has been nimbly strolling this fine line like an experienced tight-rope walker, which is only making me drool with anticipation for our first date, and first kiss!!!

The first night we met, when I got a message from him instantly after he dropped me off at my hotel, thanking me for the evening, I must admit that I wondered if I would start to feel too muffled and bail before we even got started. But he has played it pretty damn cool since then. I even started to wonder if he was playing it TOO COOL, and feared he might be losing interest. So when he sent me a message asking if I was in the office one day so he could swing by to see me, I basically melted into a puddle.

I was in an automobile accident earlier in the week, and unfortunately my car is totalled. : (

It was obviously a rather scary situation, and I suffered some minor injuries in the wreck. Gray found out about the accident and immediately contacted me, concerned that I was really okay. When I told him yes, just a few tears, some minor cuts and bruises and severe whiplash, he wrote back saying: “You are tough!”  Then he asked a few relevant questions about the next steps, which subsequently helped me figure out what the hell to do.  He was very helpful to me during that experience, and offered his assistance and advice in a very non-threatning way – by simply asking questions which helped me process some of the decisions I had in front of me.

I mean, I’m an independent woman who loves to think for myself and stand on my own two feet, but it’s nice to have a steady, level-headed guy there showing he cares and is willing to help me figure out some stuff. I feel it is a rare trait among men to show they care without being overbearing, bossy or overprotective. There are only a handful of men whom I have dated that do this well. My long-time lover, Roberto has done this from day one, and it is one of my very favorite things about him. I also remember Cruise doing it often.  Gray will win MAJOR points with me if that is also his style. So far, it seems like it just might be.

We are planning to go out sometime during this upcoming week, and I am planning to kiss him! Man, I’m so into him already – this is a very good sign! I can count on one hand the amount of men I have really wanted to kiss on a first date. Not only do I want to kiss him, but I am super excited to kiss him. I am ready to find out if there are fireworks!

My synopsis of Gray at this point is that he appears to be a very good guy; very loyal with a wide variety of friendships, very well-known, stable, caring, trustworthy and a real family man….the last of a dying breed. Plus he’s ‘ooh la la sexy’ with a deep, husky voice that puts me in a trance!

So there’s really just one question at this point….When can I start chapter two?




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