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New Year, New City, NEW MEN!!

Hello Lovies,

I took a small hiatus because I moved! I have an exciting NEW CAREER in a super cool NEW CITY which has been keeping me much busier than usual. And of course I don’t have to tell you that with this new lifestyle….comes even more NEW MEN!!

My new business partner, Ames is a very handsome single guy in his early forties with oodles of money and even more style. I’m sure I’ll be writing about him in the future, since he’s quite the playboy. At any rate, Ames and I had a business dinner last week where he introduced me to a very good friend of his who instantly took a shine to me.

Meet Gray. A silver fox businessman in his early fifties with a fit body and great sense of style. His gravelly low voice, full head of gray hair, sparkling hazel eyes, and just enough facial hair to show his raw masculinity make me melt every time I see him. But all of that is just icing on the already delectable cake rich with intelligence, charm and wit, and only further enhanced by his trustworthy demeanor and great conversation skills. I must admit that I felt my stomach flutter as I noticed his steady gaze remaining fixed on me appreciatively and somewhat bemusedly as I happily chattered on and on.

Even though our time during dinner was shared with several others, Gray and I spent hours laughing and getting to know one another huddled together in a side conversation. Though most of the dialogue was fairly light-hearted, it did begin to border on some deeper subjects which I expertly steered back to safer ground. I didn’t want to rush past the light moments we were sharing, I just wanted to relish them.

Somewhere around 1:00AM (!#@! I had two big meetings the next day, WTF!) Ames came over to tell me he had too much to drink, and asked if it would it be okay if Gray took me home.  I felt totally comfortable and safe with that plan, and was even looking forward to spending some time alone with him.  Gray escorted me to his car and carefully drove me to the front of my hotel, where he leaned over to give me a quick peck on the lips and said he would be in touch.

Moments after I was safely ensconced in my plush hotel room, I had a message from him thanking me for the evening, and telling me that I am good company. He finished by saying, “Sleep tight.”

Awww. What a doll! I like it when men tell me to sleep tight. There’s something comforting about it. Now that I’m typing those words, I do have to wonder if that’s somewhat “fatherly” or something? Maybe it just offers a sense of comfort or being taken care of? I don’t know. I might have daddy issues. I am a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl,” after all. I definitely strive to find a man much like my dad. Roberto is the closest thing I’ve found to that so far, and you guys know I’d probably be with Roberto if he would ever leave his wife. : 0

In the week that followed my first meeting with Gray, he stopped by the office a few times, each time making sure to message me beforehand as to not miss seeing me. Yesterday when he texted to say he would be by in a few minutes, I immediately flew to the restroom to primp, making certain I was showing just the right amount of cleavage, fluffed my hair, and applied fresh lip gloss before I confidently emerged.

As he stood mere inches away from me, talking to me in that irresistible low and husky voice, I found myself playing with my hair as I looked past his strong bearded jaw into those beautiful gray eyes and resisted the urge to grab his handsome face and start making out with him.  He has the kind of voice that could be saying absolutely anything and I would think it was sexy. Hell, half the time I am not even realizing what he’s saying because I’m being taken for a ride by his melodic voice. When he opens his mouth to speak, I feel like I’m in a convertible with the top down, driving on a beachfront road, just letting my hair blow in the warm breeze as I enjoy the ride.

He invited me to a party he was hosting last night, but I opted not to attend given my crazy schedule in between two cities at the moment. I really hated to turn down his invitation, because one thing is certain – I’m hoping to get to know Gray better in the very near future. Especially since he casually let slip how much he loves to “pleasure a woman.” Whew! Hot!  I just might let him show me his skills in that area!

In other news, I recently noticed I have about 50 emails from my online dating site since I changed locations, so I’m sure I’ll be meeting new men right and left once I get settled in my new spot. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t go too wild but still have plenty of fun!



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