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On Cloud Nine at 2nd Base

I think Max and I just might get to third base next week after our Christmas concert date. Hell, we might even steal home! One of my girlfriends told me the other day that I should keep the faith with Max. “Patience,” she said. “Perhaps it will be the magic of the season at your Christmas concert that clarifies things for him.” Perhaps she is right.

Last night I had dinner with Max and I’ve never been more excited about getting to second base (for the second time) with someone in my life. I gotta tell you guys, making out with him was light years away from making out with Ridley. Of course that may have something to do with the fact that I’ve known Max longer?

We left the bar and Max scraped the snow off of my car before getting in to say good night. I instantly pounced on him and we began making out. God, I love kissing that man. His scruffy wide jaw feels so damn sexy in my hands, and our kissing is the ultimate of shared passion. It’s almost frenzied, and totally different from anyone else I’ve ever kissed.

I literally wanted to scale Max’s hard athletic body like a little girl climbing a strong oak tree as we made out in the car.  Whew! It definitely was hot! Max let out an audible moan and whispered almost achingly, “God, I just can’t imagine how good sex with you is going to be.”  Ha! He took the words right out of my mouth on that one!

For those of you who don’t know the story of Max, he was *THE* guy I met online back in August, and I instantly thought he was the “next one” for me. A gorgeous former pro baseball player with loads of charm and sex appeal, he had me hooked from the night we met. We dated for a month, and things were going pretty damn great until he bailed on me to give another woman a chance to date him exclusively. I didn’t take it overly personal, realizing he was fresh (and by fresh I mean just a month) out of his marriage. Furthermore, it was his second marriage to his wife. In other words, he married the same woman twice. I figured he needed space to find himself again and get his bearings, so I faded into the shadows. I went on a romantic getaway with my long-time lover Roberto, and got back on the dating train.

Since Max’s reappearance about two months ago we have only seen each other a handful of times, and it has been very chill. I have been pretty leery, and he has been really good about not leading me on or getting my hopes up that he’s going to be my man again. I appreciate that more than anything after my disastrous relationship with Tristan.

Tonight as he played with my fingers across the table, we chatted light-heartedly about some of our dating experiences, when suddenly Max said something kind of cool.

As his soulful brown eyes met mine he said earnestly, “I can’t make any promises, but the way I’ve approached our relationship is much different than I’ve ever approached any other, and I take that to be a really good sign.”

From my perspective our relationship has been approached differently as well. We have not had sex,  just some great kissing and a fabulous blow-job by ‘yours truly’ when we dated the first go ’round. So last night when he reached under my shirt to caress my nipple, I couldn’t help but feel euphoric. Finally, I thought happily as he murmured something about my boobs being huge….we’ve arrived at 2nd base!

And I must say that getting to 2nd base with a guy who played 1st base professionally definitely has me on CLOUD NINE!



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