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Max/Lola Update: Bird in the Bush

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” (See also “The grass is always greener.”) Yep. That’s me. Always going for the elusive men, the ones in the bushes. Meanwhile, I’ve got a thousand sparrows ready to fly me to the heavens.

Sigh. I really miss Max. Crazy maybe, but true. I guess this means I could have feelings for him or something? Great. Just what I need. Feelings for another man I cannot be with.

After I went over to his house to hang out and talk (and kiss) a MONTH ago, we’ve only been in touch very sporadically. I would say a text once a week comes in from him, to which I always reply, but for the most part, he’s been totally M.I.A.

I know his mom was here from out-of-town for a week-and-a-half for the Thanksgiving holiday, which he mentioned kept him distracted and busy. I completely understand that.

Plus, he’s really only been divorced for a few months now, and I remember all too well the months after my divorce. Can someone say renegade commitment-phob? During the first year or two, I was hell-bent on enjoying my newfound freedom and scared *to death* of getting tied down. I broke a lot of hearts during those years, and left several men wondering what the hell just hit them. During that time Alex was the only one who got close enough to me to make me waver, but even hints at marriage from that millionaire hottie couldn’t settle me down.

I really think that’s what the year after your divorce is for, being single, finding yourself again, and yes, even enjoying the dating game. Hell, Max may as well enjoy it now, because anyone who’s ever dated for more than two or three years in a row knows it’s for the birds.

So Max is being single.  And I wholeheartedly support him in that venture. I’m glad he’s enjoying himself and learning who he is without a mate.

I talked to him on the phone tonight, and we had a nice little heart-to-heart. I told him about Ridley, and that I am planning to see him again. He was interested in what I liked about Ridley –  job, looks, personality, etc. So I laid out a brief overview while Max listened intently. Then in turn, he told me about a woman he had met at a business-related convention a couple of weeks ago with whom he had made out with during a night of drinking/dancing/fun. He went on to say he now has his first bona-fide stalker. My response was simply, ‘I am quite surprised you’re just now getting your first stalker. There will probably be plenty more where that came from if you stay single. A man like you is a hot commodity.”

We laughed and talked easily for about 40 minutes and when I said I needed to go he asked if I would be available this weekend to do something. I was happy he wanted to see me, but did not want to appear overly accessible (after all, I really don’t know what will happen with Ridley on date #2 later this week), plus Roberto invited me on a weekend getaway as well, so I simply said, “That sounds good. Let’s try to catch up later this week to see if we can work something out for the weekend.”

Given the circumstances Roberto and I are in, I would be more likely to see Max over going away for a weekend with Roberto. What’s more, is that I would be more excited to see Max over Ridley, but I guess I’m not really too surprised by that.

After all…

I always have liked the bird in the bush more than the two in my hand. 



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