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Lola Meets Ridley

I really liked Ridley. I’m also a bit leery of seeing him again.

Do not get me wrong, he was the perfect gentleman and even more handsome in person. In fact, I had to restrain myself from pouncing on him from the moment he sat next to me.  He complimented me on how I looked, was an excellent conversationalist, and I even saw his eyes water a bit when he spoke of his mom’s death a couple of years ago.

We talked easily for three hours and even got close enough to nuzzle a bit, hold hands, and at the end of the night we shared a very exciting good night kiss.

But interlaced throughout our far-reaching conversation were a few things that make me wonder about Ridley. And all of those things revolve around sex.

Somewhere in the middle of our second drink the subject of sex came up, and I found out that he and his ex-wife had been swingers. I’m just not sure a guy who goes to the level of watching his wife get screwed by six different guys (his words) right in front of him is the guy for me.

He did make sure to interject that all that was a long time ago during his experimental phase, and I certainly have a few of those under my belt, so I think I understand them pretty well. But overall I’m just getting a vibe that he seems to be more kinky than me, and I can’t help but wonder if that would create some issues down the road.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the experiences he’s had sexually, I told him I had dabbled in some very minimal experimentation of my own, but am pretty “vanilla” these days.

I turned my face towards him with steadfast resolve and said intently, “At this point in my life I’m just looking for rewarding love-making sessions with a man I care about.  Maybe that sounds boring to you, hell, maybe *I* seem boring to you, but I know that’s what I want.”

Ridley gazed squarely back at me with his huge brown eyes and said manfully, “I don’t think you’re boring at all. I think you are real, genuine and kind.”

Real, genuine and kind. What a great compliment, I thought, rather impressed by his thoughtful response. 

Compliments like that *just might* allow me to overlook the fact that he sent me a picture of his cock last night.  I guess maybe I’m willing to be shown that there is more to Ridley than just a pretty face, a nice dick and a kinky sex life after all. ; )



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