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JC’s Out, Ridley’s Up

Tonight’s gonna be a good night, I can just sense it. Maybe because Ridley is super (yes, I said super) excited to meet me, or maybe because we’re meeting at my favorite bar. Or MAYBE it is just because I need to right the ship after my disastrous texting session with JC earlier, during which I canceled our date for tonight. (we may as well cross him off the list).

I mentioned in my last post, how a few days ago JC invited me to go see a live band tonight, and I agreed thinking I needed to figure out if there is anything between us worth pursuing. However, I wasn’t too excited about it, and was actually finding it hard to gear up. That should have been a sign that I was forcing it, but hey, hindsight, right?

At any rate, this morning I got the following text from him which immediately pissed me off.  

“Hey, do you have time to go see if they still have tickets available for the show tonight? It sells out fast.”

What the fuck! I thought, rather horrified at the preposterous notion that he wanted me to track down tickets to a show which he had invited me to! And on our first date towards our re-entry of seeing one another again, to boot. Tacky! More than being indignant, though, I was deflated. I felt like it was not a priority for him to make this date happen, and  I was rather offended that he would think it was acceptable to ask me to procure the tickets.

I happened to be on the phone with Roberto when I got the text from JC, and found myself quite distracted, so I told Roberto as much. I launched into the story and Roberto chuckled but otherwise stayed silent. I told him I was definitely not feeling a date with this dude now, and needed to cancel. So I asked him what he thought my reply text should be.

Roberto: (leerily) “I think I should stay out of it, don’t you?”

Lola:  (matter-of-factly) “Not really, no. I’m just asking for your thoughts on how to properly cancel this date, and if you have any advice, I’d love to hear it.”

Roberto: (straightforwardly)  “If it were me, I’d just try the truth and say something like ‘it doesn’t seem like this is a priority for you and I’m just not feeling it.'”

Yeah. That’s good, I thought, and immediately fired that text to JC, happy to have it off my plate.

About an hour later I felt like a total ball buster when JC replied with this text:

“Since I called and went online, and drove an hour to try to get tickets, then when they didn’t have them, drove another 30 minutes to another location, I disagree. Having you check was the last resort, so I disagree.”

My first thought? Oh snap. Me and my impulsive behavior. Now I feel like shit. My second thought? He could just be trying to manipulate me into feeling badly. Maybe he’s a psychopath like Tristan!

I asked Jez if she’d bother replying and she said she would probably say something like ‘I wish you would have told me it was a last resort, but now I’ve made other plans.’  That works, I thought, and I sent that exact text, not expecting any reply. But I have to hand it to him, he did respond.

“That’s fine. It was a very busy week for me. Have fun.”

Feeling even more like shit after that, I felt compelled to apologize, and I did. I did not get a response.

Then I dusted myself off, got back online and replied to Ridley’s message asking me if tonight would be better or tomorrow night as we had originally planned. Hmm…tonight? Why the hell not, I thought. I just canceled my date, so it looks like tonight will work just fine.

Let’s go and meet Ridley.



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