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3 days, 4 dates

I don’t know what gets into me, but every once in a while I get a surge of energy that I put towards a dating frenzy. I wrote about this a couple of months ago in the post “Lola Gets Her 22nd Wind.”

This seemingly random tsunami kind of hit me out of the blue last night after a particularly good week in the online dating trenches. For whatever reason, THIS was the week that all the good-looking, interesting and soulful men decided to message me. : )

Let me tell you about my lineup for the weekend. I have two favorites at the moment, but I’m sure a “meet and greet” will help determine which (if either) is the front-runner.

My top two picks are Zach and Ridley.  Zach is a 36-year-old investment broker and Ridley is a 39-year-old train conductor. Both are tall, dark and handsome, but Ridley is like “oooh la la handsome” with big brown eyes, a perfect wide smile, a strong athletic build and a nicely trimmed beard. My #1 physical weakness in a man is facial hair. No doubt about it.

Zach is an italian hottie who loves to cook and is restoring his very old home. I love stuff like that. A handy man with style and who cooks? Come on…what’s not to love?

Both guys seem to be able to fit into either a country or urban setting just fine, which if you know me at all, that’s another thing I love in a guy.

Then there is the guy I decided to throw into the mix since it’s date weekend. Watch – he’ll probably be the one I like the most. Ha ha. Jude is also 39 and tall, dark and handsome with a beard. You think maybe my type is tall, dark and handsome with a beard??  ; ) Jude has his personality listed as “Humanist,” which always intrigues me, since it seems to show a deeper level of soul. Since we’re talking about personalities, I’ll just go through everyone’s. Ridley has his listed as “Professional,” Zach has his as “Rock star,” and mine is “Free thinker.”  I tend to like the more professional types, but my ex-husband definitely had a  rock star personality, and it’s something I often miss!

Zach has me the most intrigued at this point, and it’s undoubtedly only because he went from pursuing me to playing it cool. Those elusive men, I tell ya, they get me every damn time!!! I just love that challenge, I guess. He asked when he was going to get to meet me a couple of times and I was rather vague due to some client meetings and basically just not being sure I was ready to meet him yet. So he showed me that two can play that game and sent me a message that turned me right around:

“In general, I’m not big on chasing women down. I’ll leave the ball in your court for now. Let me know if you are interested in meeting. Best! Zach”

Once I saw that, I must admit I kind of panicked that I wasn’t showing enough interest, and within an hour I had narrowed down a time we could meet.

And then this morning I woke up to a text from JC  inviting me to do something Saturday night. Since I really want to find out if there is anything between us worth pursuing so I can cross him off the list if not, I have agreed to go out with him.

Three days, four dates. Let’s roll!



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