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JC Eases Back In…

Looks like I have another choice to make. This time it’s not about giving Max a second chance, but JC.

Remember JC? For those of you who do not, or who are new to my blog, JC and I met in June, and had two dates in a period of 3 weeks. Things were moving verrrry slowly, I thought, which was just fine with me since I was healing from my umpteenth blow to the head from Tristan.

Two days before date #3 was supposed to commence, I got a text from JC saying he had met someone at a party and they had really hit it off and that he wanted to pursue that relationship.

Truth be told, I didn’t take it personally, though I was kind of bummed that I wouldn’t have a chance to get to know him better. But I figured he saw something in her that was more suited to him than me, and I let him go with a ‘best wishes reply text’ complete with a smiley face. 🙂

Prior to him bailing, I wrote the following in the post JC Offers Lola the Best of Both Worlds:

After date #2 with JC this weekend, I’m really liking him, and have to tell y’all..He’s a real contender. Guys like him certainly don’t come along every day, and I’m feeling like I may have just stumbled upon a gold mine.  JC possesses the extremely rare and ever-so-tantalizing mix of country boy and city slicker.

He is the type of guy who could give you directions down winding back roads through the country to a breathtakingly beautiful picnic spot by a lonely restful creek, or to the best kept secret restaurant in Hong Kong that only has seating for 10. In fact, he has already given me directions to both. ; )

He’s got a rugged pick-up truck for hunting Pheasant and a sleek BMW for nights out on the town. AND he’s had a vasectomy!!!???SCORE. 

The best word I would use to describe him at this point would have to be CAPABLE. A guy who lands on his feet in any situation, no problem. It comes across loud and clear. Even though I’ve only known him for a short time, there is no mistaking the strength inside this man.

I heard it in his stories of  growing up without a mom, and from his days of being a Marine. I saw it in his sturdy brown leather boots at the other end of his stylish jeans, and felt it when I slid my hand into his thick callused one, boasting perfectly groomed nails. I smelled it coming from his snug-fitting, soft blue v-neck tee, as the scent of fresh soap mixed with a hint of spicy cologne made me slightly euphoric. I tasted it in his probing, gentle kiss as his full lips met mine for a passionate good night kiss.

So as you can see, he was no slouch in my mind, and I was kind of getting into him when he decided to pursue someone else. (see also Max, who pulled the same stunt. What is up with these guys? Are they players?) Even though JC split to date another woman, he didn’t go too far away. He still texted me some, mostly with the angle of hiring me to do some business related things for him. I had no problem with him staying in touch, and I kept it all above-board, no flirting, and all business. : )

But about a week ago, he finally asked me if I was interested in meeting for a drink. Still gun-shy, I played it cool and simply said “sure.” He seemed pleased, but I didn’t read anything into the invitation and that was that. A few days later in a Facebook chat he mentioned needing some help picking out new clothes. I told him I could help him with that. When he asked why I would be interested in helping, I said simply, “because I like fashion.”  A few minutes later he typed an exasperated: “Man, I thought you would flirt more!!”

And thus began our conversation which illuminated his intentions, which are to date me again if I’m interested. Still guarded, I asked why he didn’t contact me after his other romantic relationship had ended. His response was that I was the first person he contacted when he was ready to date again, but it didn’t appear to him that I was available. As it turns out, this was around the time I was getting pretty serious with Max and basically missed JC’s flirtation completely.

They say timing is everything, and I have found that to be pretty damn true.

And now it appears I have JC and Max both trying to get back into my good graces. I’m a little confused but also a little pleased.  I think I’ll just sit back enjoy the view, and see which one impresses me more.



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