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Max/Lola: Update

Max is indeed back. I wondered this a few weeks ago, as I wrote in the post, “Is Max Back?

He texted me a few times while I was away, but I laid low. After I got back, he was still texting me, so we met for coffee and he started the conversation by saying “Let me state my intentions.” I liked that. I am a huge proponent in getting all the cards on the table so we both know what the hell is going on.

“If I haven’t burned any bridges with you, I would like a chance to date you again.”  he said straightforwardly. I told him I would give it some thought, but that I was pretty leery of him given the circumstances surrounding how he bailed on me in the first place.

“Not to be critical or judgemental, Max, but it seems possible that you might not know exactly what you want right now, and I’ve been there, so I totally get it. But I’m not there now. Nothing personal, but I’m just not going to be drug along in another relationship where the dude tries to figure out what the hell he wants.”

Max was very understanding, and responded kindly, “Nor should you.”  He agreed that he wasn’t sure if he was ready for a relationship, and wonders if he needs to date around some more before committing to another woman. We chatted comfortably for about an hour then went our separate ways with a friendly hug.

Two days later he went on a date with some chick and texted me during the date. He was obviously thinking about me, or whatever, but since he told me he was out with another woman, I was again, really confused and didn’t know what to say. So I basically said I was going to try to find out what sort of trouble I could find for my Friday night and hoped he had a good evening. I hung up the phone and thought, WTF!? I sighed, thinking I just don’t have the energy to go through another man being conflicted. Tristan took all that energy from me and the tank is just plain empty. 

About 15 minutes later, as I was strolling through the aisles of the grocery store stocking up on carbs and wine for my wild Friday night alone, Max called again. I answered, and what followed was yet another very strange conversation where he told me about how horrible his date was and how he bailed. I didn’t know what to say, but I awkwardly made it through and we hung up again. By now I was REALLY thinking WTF!???? But I only had 3 or 4 minutes to wonder what the hell was going on before I saw Max’s face on my phone screen calling for a 3rd time. I answered and he playfully said, “Hey, how are you doing, I haven’t talked to you FOREVER!” I laughed rather nervously and waited for him to spit out the reason for a 3rd phone call within an hour.

“Listen, I know I’ve been acting strangely, he said, taking full responsiblity. And I’m really sorry. Would you like to come over to my house, have a couple of drinks and just talk?”

As I pondered his invitation, it did seem like it might be good to just get some face time with him so he could chill. So I went. And it was really awesome. He still does it for me, folks. I really do like this guy. He makes me very wet and appeals to me on an intellectual, physical, emotional and even spiritual level.

We made out some, but it was all very G-rated. No groping or anything inappropriate, just some damn good kissing with some awesome tongue work on both of our parts. : ) Then he held my hand and stroked my arm while we sat on the couch and watched tv. It was all so innocent and sexy at the same time.

And as I was leaving for the night, he kissed me before putting me safely in my car and murmured that he hadn’t stopped thinking about the blow job I gave him the first time we were dating. “That was one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had in my life,” he said matter-of-factly. (Score!) I mean, we are talking about a former pro baseball player here, who’s had many, many blow jobs. So never underestimate the power of a good blow job ladies.



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