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Is Max Back?

Max texted me last night out of the blue saying that he and the woman he had been seeing “ran their course.”  Some of you may remember that I thought Max was “the NEXT one” until he bailed on me to begin seeing a prior love interest.  For more on that story please read the post, Exit Max, Enter Jax.

I stared at the phone thinking, “my, my my…what do you know.” but made no move to reply. This didn’t seem to deter Max from sending a string of additional texts. He chattered on, saying he remembered thinking I was different and special, yet he chose to do more of the same with a woman  he knew wasn’t right for him.

One of my girlfriends had this to say about that pronouncement. “Different and special?  Well, yes. We know this to be true because we’ve known you for years, but Max has known you for like 5 minutes. Tell him to go away. : )”

I’m extremely leery of this new development and playing it very cool. Cordial but dismissive pretty much sums up my responses so far.  Covering the basics of the past few months, I told him it was nice to hear from him, let him know that I have a few interested guys I’ve  been casually dating, and that even though my work has been keeping me crazy busy, I am looking forward to a nice tropical getaway next week. What I carefully left out, was that this little rendezvous will include my long-time lover Roberto. (By the way, lovies, I’m going on a little  vacation with Roberto next week. ; ) I haven’t had time to tell  you.)

Jez’s response to Max’s statement of me being “different and special,” was that it wasn’t  exactly a ringing endorsement. My friend Hugh simply asked me if I believed it.  I said I didn’t know and asked him what he thought. His reply was that he thought maybe it was true, but he seems too fickle for his taste. He made sure to add, though, that he really doesn’t know Max.

The overall consensus among my male and female friends alike seems to be that Max’s judgement is in question, and I should proceed with caution. As for me? Max’s recent return really has me asking JUST ONE question…..

Was it the blow job????



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