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50 first dates (with Dustin)

Do you have a person in your life that you wish you could fall in love with?

Man, I sure do. I’ve got one of the most solid, handsomest, richest men making it abundantly clear that he would sell a kidney to get back on “single Lola’s list” for nearly 2 years now; Dustin. I’ve written a few posts about Dustin, and was nearly “in a relationship” with him once or twice, but we just never could get past our FIRST DATES!

Our FIRST “first date” was quite hilarious, as were most of the subsequent ones.  I originally encountered Dustin on my online dating site where he was not deterred by my lack of response. He sent me a couple of  fairly lengthy emails before I finally replied. During this time, my friend Carlos was in town visiting from New York and Warner Bros. was in town visiting from L.A.

Dustin had been inviting me to meet him for a week or so when the East met the West somewhere in the middle. And as luck would have it, Tristan was just back from Africa and had also invited me to have dinner with him in the midst of all of the hubbub.  I was up to my eyeballs in men, but again, Dustin was very persistent and let me know that even though I was a busy woman, he would still love to make it work to meet, even if it was just for a drink. Fine. I thought. I have a 30 minute window between Carlos and Warner Bros. that I can fit Dustin into. And that’s just what I told him.

I wasn’t overly thrilled about this meeting, and Carlos being ever so amused by me and my antics, asked if I would feel better if he tagged along as my “wing man,” saying he would enjoy being a fly on the wall. I accepted his gracious offer, and when I saw him casually breeze past me to his perch at the end of the long wine bar, I felt better knowing he was there. Dustin was 10 minutes late, so that meant he then had 20 minutes to suck down a glass of wine and impress the hell out of me.

Poor Dustin did seem kind of stressed by the stringent time limit, and I was wondering if he was somewhat pretentious (something about the way he ordered his wine). I pretty much had him ruled out as a viable option after 10 minutes, and figured it must be mutual. I thought I would never hear from him again when I left to meet Warner Bros. twenty minutes later. But as I was pulling in to meet Warner Bros., Dustin sent me a text thanking me for “fitting him in” and that he would love to see me again.  My jaw kind of dropped in surprise as I thought, how can this guy possibly be interested in me after what I just put him through?

But “like me” he does. He even told me he loved me once. One thing is for sure, he has been hanging around ever since our fateful first date. We have had sex a couple of times, (his cock is beautiful and huge) and I actually spent the night at his house once, although I didn’t sleep a wink. Some of you may know that I RARELY (like almost never) spend the entire night with a dude, as I have intimacy and trust issues.

Our next first date (you might call it a second date if so much time hadn’t passed between the two meetings), was just as crazy. As I arrived at the bar, (ON TIME, mind you), I got a text from him saying that he was running 20 minutes late,  I was unimpressed, so I left with two girlfriends whom I had just met to get a cup of coffee, in turn leaving HIM waiting. I arrived laughingly with my new friends almost 30 minutes later to see him shifting nervously in his seat.

We’ve had some other pretty hilarious first dates…one I wrote about last April titled Re-enter Dustin, which was actually supposed to be a business meeting that ended the moment I slid into the booth next to him and kissed him.

But tonight is going to be different. We’ve basically had a series of first dates where we met up, had a few drinks, made out a bit and went our separate ways, once or twice throwing in sex. But tonight we’re going to our very first movie together! Congratulations are in order too, because in true traditional courtship fashion, he’s picking me up at 7.  That, my lovies, is a “first” we haven’t had yet. ; )



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