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Lola Meets Taylor (and Guy and Franco)

Last night was my first and final date with Taylor. He was nice enough, but I knew the moment he arrived that it was not going to work for us. He’s fairly good-looking, but I don’t know, it just seemed that he was a soap actor from the 80’s. His hair was blow-dried into this rather large feathered manner, and he was wearing some snake-skin cowboy boots. (ha ha)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a man in cowboy boots. But these were shiny snake-skin and they were light tan. He had on tight jeans and an equally tight t-shirt with some urban looking graphics on it. Not age appropriate (late forties) or a good combo with the snake-skin boots.

But I don’t want to get too down on Taylor here, because quite honestly, I don’t think he liked me much either (in spite of the fact he kissed me with tongue after he walked me to my car 2 hours and 2 venues later). I say that because I haven’t heard a peep from him since we parted ways. That doesn’t happen much, if ever, that I hear nothing from a date. But it is actually a welcome silence. I’m glad the feeling seems to have been mutual.

I arrived first at the sexy Spanish bar and surveyed the romantic ambiance with delight. There were votive candles flickering everywhere and it was very dimly lit. I was one of just a few people there, so I kept a low-profile and seated myself towards the end of the bar and ordered a mixed drink.  The bartenders were quite attentive, and one in particular was very handsome. He came over, introduced himself to me and we started chatting. I mentioned that I was on a first date from a popular online dating site and he laughingly said he too is on the same site.  He went on to say that he hadn’t been having much luck because women were looking at him for just one thing.  I think we all know what that “thing” is. ; )

“Anyway,” I said with an upbeat tone, as our conversation progressed, “We’ll see if tonight’s date is a match for me.” Franco looked at me with a devilish look in his eye and said, “I really hope not.” And with that, Taylor was at my side and we were meeting for the first time. For whatever reason, (competition?) Franco got a little hostile towards him when he ordered a Cape Cod. Oh God, I thought somewhat mortified. This guy is pretentious. I mentioned to Taylor that in about an hour the bar area would be closing for a private party so we might have to go elsewhere. Taylor kind of looked around the room for a second and Franco looked at him rather bitterly and jeered, “I’ll be happy to escort you out. ” An awkward silence ensued and I quickly stepped in to say cheerily, “We can always go across the street and have a beer. There’s a popular sports bar on the corner.”

That seemed to show Franco he needed to back off, (not because I wanted him to leave, mind you…he was hot!) but because Taylor was my date and he deserved my full attention and utmost respect for driving more than an hour to meet me.

We chatted and laughed, in spite of our lack of chemistry, and his body language did seem to say he was attracted to me, but again, I just wasn’t feeling it.  About an hour went by and the bar area was filling up with the private party folks. I mentioned maybe we should be getting out of the way, and Taylor said he needed to use the restroom first.

So he disappeared to the restroom and I was alone for maybe 15 seconds before a VERY…VVVVVERRRRY handsome man appeared out of thin air and asked how my evening was going. I looked around mystified, like where the hell did  you come from? and he stuck out his hand and said, I’m Guy, by the way.  Well hello Mr. Delicious! Wow. This guy is TOO SEXY. A tall medium-skinned black guy (hard to guess age, could be anywhere from 35-50, I’m guessing) with low-cut hair, tall with a fantastic hard body, dark trendy glasses, a crisp white button down shirt, black flat-front dress pants and nice shoes.  I was so taken aback by his arrival that I was sort of at a loss for words. He was very chatty and asked if I come to this bar often. I recovered, saying no, not really, as I was inwardly kicking myself for not coming more often! He smiled a dazzling bright white smile and said, “Well you should. I enjoy coming here. I just moved from Seattle and don’t know a lot of people in town yet.”  I was instantly intrigued by what brought him to the area, and said that sounds like an interesting story. He looked down at me again with a big grin and said smoothly, “Well I would love to share it with you sometime.”

I melted into a puddle right there in my bar stool, and with that, Taylor was back at my side. I felt kind of guilty, so I turned my attention immediately back to him, and we decided to go ahead and leave. Deflated, I looked longingly at the back of Guy’s head as he strolled cooly back into the intimate crowd.

No phone number, just a first name, an “I’m new in town” and a “You should come here more often,” before he vanished as quickly as he had arrived. Tantalizing enough to make me want to go back next Sunday? Hell yes!



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