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Lola Gets Her 22nd Wind

Five Months, a one-night stand, a blow job….and three nights of impassioned lovemaking with Roberto. That summarizes my sex life since my final split with Tristan earlier this year.

I have gained next to zero insight about that relationship, so overall I’m still really confused about what the hell happened. But as Roberto says:  ‘you can’t figure out crazy.’ So I’ve chalked Tristan up as crazy and have done a pretty good job of moving on.  (Yay me! )

Given how wild I got after my prior breakups with Tristan,  I have been hell-bent on not repeating that train-wreck pattern. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of this. With the exception of my one-night stand with Jax, I’ve been a very good girl. (Again, yay me!)

As for my dating life, which is NOT to be confused with my sex life, I do believe I’ve gotten my 22nd wind. I am once again organizing rendezvous with prospective contenders.

Per my typical custom, I take a few weeks off, then schedule several dates in a row.  It would seem I like to shut the store completely down for a period of restocking the shelves, then re-open for business until I’m once again completely sold out. I am pretty sure this is NOT the best prototype to follow, as it can cause extreme burnout, but for some reason it is the only way I have found that works for me. I just hate dating, and the only way I can gear up for it is to go full-force and then rest.

At any rate, my next two dates will be this coming week, and ironically both of them have been hanging around talking to me since before I met Max, and in spite of me bailing completely to date Max for 3+ weeks, both men resurfaced when I re-emerged on the dating scene again.

I do SO LOVE a persistent, confident man. Both of these guys have that going for them in spades. They are each in their early forties, good-looking, fit, successful, tall, intelligent, funny and MOST IMPORTANTLY – SWEET! So freakin’ sweet, they are. I just love it!

If either of them impress me further, (which I have a feeling they will) you’ll be hearing more about them after our first dates. Until then, I’ll just sit back, relax, and watch the stuff fly off the shelves.



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