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The Jax/Lola Connection

Last night was date #1 with Jax and what do I do? Violate my own rule of not having sex on the first date, even though I totally KNOW BETTER! But what is it they say? Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once?  Yeah. I think that’s a pretty good motto in this case.

I did, however sleep on the couch in my own house because I kinda freaked after we had sex. As I slithered out of the bedroom, Jax asked sleepily,

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to sleep on the  couch, I can’t sleep with you because it’s too intimate.”

“What?!? He asked incredulously. We just had sex 3 times in 5 different positions and you’re saying sleeping with me is too intimate?”

“Yes, I said rather sadly, That’s exactly what I’m saying,” as I disappeared into the living room without another word.

It was a fun night. Very light with a lot of laughing and a lot of wine. We found out the hallway in my tiny house makes for an excellent dance floor. 

He’s extremely handsome, I would go so far as to say he’s a hunk. It’s 8:08 am and he’s still in my bed and showing no signs of getting up anytime soon. Around 6:30 this morning he came and pounced on me at my perch on the couch, so we went back into the bedroom to have sex again. Thirty minutes later I re-emerged, showered and made coffee. As I was rambling around the kitchen my phone beeped with a text. Who the hell is texting me this early? I thought suspiciously. I picked my phone up and laughed out loud as I read the cute little message from Jax, “Come play with my body,” 

I went into the bedroom laughingly, and we began making out.  Jesus, I thought as his beautiful cock grew hard against me. This guy is insatiable. Is he really almost 50 years old?  Sex with him is good. Like really good. I even managed to have an orgasm or two due to his extreme attentiveness and sexy dirty talk.  And since he’s had a vasectomy, I just might have myself a boy toy.

Yes, I think this could be a very fun and light relationship. But right now I gotta go. I just heard my phone ding. ; )



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