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Exit Max, Enter Jax

Max turned out not to be ‘the one.’ It’s kind of a long story, but then again, maybe not really. I’ll give you the nickel version.

Things were going quite smoothly.  We weren’t moving too fast, but each date was progressing pretty perfectly, I thought.

We didn’t get around to having intercourse, but I did showcase my fab blow job skills on him, and we were planning our next romantic encounter with shared excitement.

Furthermore, he had invited me to meet his family and had items on my calendar for a month in advance. We were really getting close emotionally, and he was so sweet to me… until…. the dreaded “other woman” resurfaced.

The “other woman” is someone he works with, and one he had asked out right before he and I met. She said ‘yes’, and they scheduled lunch. The night before their date she cancelled, saying a wonderful man had committed to her.

He told her ‘congratulations… lucky guy’ and went on to ask me out 2 days later.  After that date, we had two more dates, and he went on to declare he wanted to be in a relationship with me.  Shockingly the thought of that didn’t freak me out, and I jumped in with both feet.  Life was good.

Apparently this chick is fickle and texted him 3 weeks later saying she made the wrong decision to cancel their date and wanted another shot with him. (in the words of Elle, “WTF!?? What happened to you snooze you lose?”

But Max had other notions. He decided she deserved that second chance, and told me as much. He seemed very on the fence about bailing on me, (saying he may have just played a card that would blow up in his face), but I released him with a smile, a ‘good luck’ and sent him on his way. I told myself, Elle and Jez that I’d give him a week to come to his senses before jumping back in the dating saddle again.

So on to the good news, already!  The week passed and I un-hid my online profile (again). I was off to the races within moments. (literally, it was mere moments before I got my first message). I was in the throes of discussions with several men and actually felt quite at home juggling 4 or 5 guys. But then Jax messaged me.

Jax is someone who was talking to me before I split to date Max. I had told him I met someone and he wished me the best. I really thought that would be the end of the Jax/Lola story. But as it turns out, that may be a chapter which needs written.  He has been impressing me all week and DAMN, he’s fine. He told me yesterday that he’s looking for his “last first date” and can’t wait to find out if it’s going to be with me. 

As for me? Well, at the moment all I know is my next first date will be with Jax. As for Max? I had a missed call from him earlier this week saying he was sitting outside my house, hoping to catch me at home. Oh no you don’t honey…Not with this woman. With THIS woman, you snooze….you LOSE!



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