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Lola finally finds her Max

Hello Lovies,

This may be my last post for a while, barring any unforeseen disasters.

I never told you guys why I chose the name Lola for my identity on this blog.  I chose that name because of Selma Hayek’s character in the movie “After the Sunset.”  I felt like I really identified with her spunky yet refined ways. She could build a deck with power tools or rock a pair of designer stilettos on the dance floor.  She never cooked, but knew how to make her man feel like a king.

That is how I view myself, I guess.

In the movie, her lover is Pierce Brosnan, known as “Max.”

Max loves Lola’s impetuousness, her bravery, her sexiness, her passion and fire, and laughs lovingly at her lack of skills in the kitchen.  But he treats her like a queen, always supporting her every whim and always loving her for who she is.

I thought they had the perfect tango of being self-sufficient, yet a wonderful team, and I found myself thinking they struck a fun and beautiful chord that I’d love to have in a relationship of my own. I suppose that may sound strange, since they are just characters in a heist movie, but as I said, it was just something cute, locked somewhere in the back of my mind.

Remember my last date, from the post The Dark Horse? Well, I named him Max for a reason. I just had a feeling after that date that he was going to fit with me, that he was another one of those elusive “ones” that are damn near impossible to find.

The past 2 weeks have blown my mind. His words are reinforced by his actions, and he is impressing the hell out of me.  We are officially “In a relationship,” and even discussing marriage…whoa.

My friends can’t believe that I’m the same person…that “commitment-phobic, unable-to-get-close-to-most-men-emotional-mess-of-a-woman” person that I have been seemingly forever.

But as Jez says…”I guess everything changes when you meet the right person, huh?”  I guess so, Jez.

Please join me in raising a glass to a sweet new beginning with Max and Lola.



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