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The Dark Horse

Dark Horse. Otherwise known as “A little-known, unexpectedly successful entrant.”

In other words, my date tonight.

Less than 24 hours ago I got a message from Max through my online dating site.  In his early 40’s, local and I was pleased to see that his profile painted him to be attractive, successful, versatile, smart and tall.  We traded a couple of emails today and agreed to meet tonight, since spontaneity is definitely what the Doctor ordered for both of us.

Sigh. You know how you just get a feeling that someone will be a more serious part of your life? I felt that with Max after about 10 minutes.  He’s handsome, sure. But more than that, he just seemed to be engaged and genuine.

I walked up to the bar about the same time he did. I was looking especially gorgeous with my black skinny jeans, bronze high heels and a white sheer blouse with a black camisole underneath.  The bartender was at my side instantly, and as I was ordering my martini, I felt a man’s presence next to me. I turned to meet Max, whose 6″3′ athletic frame was clad in a black polo and a pair of bright blue pants with boat shoes. Nice style, I thought happily. Very nice.

He stood there grinning from ear to ear and asked if he could sit down next to me. Awwwww. Seriously? What a sweetheart. I dutifully pulled out the chair next to me for him and he sat down, ordered a top shelf rum for his drink and the conversation flowed from there. I couldn’t even tell you how it started, to be honest. It was just “there.”

Through the course of the conversation I learned that Max used to play professional baseball and is now an executive in a major firm.  He travels quite a bit and has been married (twice) to the same woman, and subsequently divorced from the same woman (twice). Given my history with Tristan, I can certainly identify.

About 20 minutes into our banter he asked if we could pause long enough to move from our bar stools to a dimly lit booth in the corner. I loved that! I loved him taking the initiative to move us to a cozier location. As I stood up to move, he quickly grabbed both of our drinks to carry them to the table. Those types of gestures do not go unnoticed by me. What a true gentleman he seems to be, I thought as a small thrill flitted through my stomach.

We chatted comfortably for another hour. He touched my arm often during the course of our conversation, and appeared to be highly entertained by me. His eyes and nose crinkled up into this adorable little smile when he seemed especially amused. I liked that. It was cute.

When it was time to go our separate ways, he said he would like to walk me to my car if that was okay.  (Of course it is, I thought).  When we arrived at my car, he gave it a once over, dubbed it a good car for me, and gave me a hug and said I would hear from him tomorrow. I thought it seemed a bit strange to wait until tomorrow, but I went with it.

But as luck would have it, about an hour after our date I got a text from him thanking me for the great time, and that he is looking forward to getting to know me better. Here we go…..The dark horse is in the race now…so let’s ride!



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