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Lola Meets Chase (Online guy #??)

I’ve lost track of how many men I’ve met from the free online dating site I am on, but I know it’s gotta be somewhere around 30 by now. 

Chase is a 36-year old guy with sexy looks and a dynamite body. He’s been texting me off and on for several months now, inviting me to meet for coffee a couple of times over that time period. I’m not going to lie, when he informed me he had a prosthetic leg due to a partial amputation, I lost a lot of interest, (shallow, I know..shame on me!) but he kept plugging away, over a period of months,  until yesterday I finally agreed to meet him.

He was so chill about how he kept in touch with me that it never seemed like pressure. He would pop up in a text and say ‘hey’ every once in a while, we would trade a few lines, and then off he would go again for another week or two. There was something charming about his persistence. Plus, his adorable dimples are very alluring!

So we met for lunch. He’s huge!! At least 6’5″ with rippling muscles everywhere. He was rockin’ some sweet prescription ray-bans and just enough delicious scruff for me to want to rub my cheek against his. He has thick sandy blonde hair with a trendy cut, bright blue eyes, pearly white teeth and two deep, perfect dimples to set off his delicious smile.  In spite of his halted walk as he came towards me, he exuded strength and confidence, keeping an open grin on his cute face all the while. I was immediately impressed.

The conversation flowed from the start. I could almost see his genuine soul through that well-muscled machine of a body as his soft low voice almost put me in a trance. We enjoyed a two-hour lunch until he suddenly asked if I would enjoy going for a walk. Again, I was impressed, due to his leg. “Is that okay for you to do?” I asked. He said, “Oh yeah. My Doctor wants me to walk.”

So we walked and talked, taking a couple of breaks on park benches along the shady path. The topics of conversation were varied and extremely open. I shared a lot with him, I guess largely due to the fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve with me, I felt comfortable returning the favor. I made sure I told him I’m also seeing others, and specifically that I am really interested in JC.

Before I knew it, another hour went by and I was seeing the day slip out of my grasp. Knowing I had plenty of stuff to do at home, we said our goodbyes. I gave him a nice warm hug that lasted more than a few seconds, and reached up to plant a soft, sweet kiss on his chiseled scruffy cheek.

He beamed and said, “Wow, a kiss? Lucky me!” I told him that I enjoy rewarding a true gentleman, thanked him for lunch and went on my merry way.

He texted me a few moments later telling me it was a real pleasure to meet me, thanked me for being open with him and told me how beautiful I am. Awww. Chase might be a keeper! But wait…JC and I have another date on Saturday…hooray!



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