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Lola and Elle – Double Trouble

Coming to visit Elle has certainly proven to be an interesting diversion from my own dramatic dating life.

Since we live several hours apart, we spend much of our time talking on the phone, fully analyzing and regaling one another with endless stories about our various men.  It’s our way of keeping our heads above water in this crazy dating world.

I know all of the players in Elle’s world, and she knows mine. Stats on the main contenders get filed away immediately, such as; name, age, race, job, number of children, pets, how many times divorced, etc. Photos are often exchanged for visual-aid purposes.

Elle and I rarely make any plans for our time together, as we know full well that we will completely entertain ourselves by just sitting around and talking. She mentioned that she had several men who wanted to meet me if it worked out, but we could wing it. If we decided to throw a man into the mix, we would, if not, no problem.

Callahan in particular was chomping at the bit to meet me upon my arrival.  Callahan is Elle’s hottest lover, a sexy metrosexual guy in his early forties, with dark curly hair and sexy scruff. He was keeping close tabs on us crazy chicks from the moment I breezed into town, but Elle and I weren’t looking to be pinned into anything, and opted to venture out for our own little pub crawl. We were busy making new friends (of the male persuasion, of course), when Callahan texted and asked where we were. As luck would have it, we were close by his house, and had just enough dirty martinis in us to tell him we would stop over before heading home.

It was well past dinner time when we arrived, thus we were starving, so Callahan said he would whip up some pasta. Elle and I sat in his living room laughing our asses off at our own stories and drinking the extra strong, extra dirty martinis he plied us with while he cooked.

Somewhere along the line, we were discussing soft skin, and after feeling Elle’s arm, I realized mine was not nearly as soft. I pouted a little upon this realization, and Callahan, eager to please, disappeared momentarily and re-emerged with a bottle of massage oil. He rubbed some on my arm and shoulder and Elle encouraged him gently to give me a massage. He willingly lifted up my shirt, and in that moment, I realized things were going in a very different direction.

I’ve had a threesome before, as has Elle, but never have we done this type of thing together.  Callahan was one very aroused, passionate lover, and did an excellent job being attentive to both of us. Who knew one guy could handle double trouble so expertly?

Hours later, Elle and I gathered our clothing and with a kiss and a hug goodnight, we left him wanting more, more, more.



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